The Lightning Thief (Original Cast Recording): 13. Drive (Audio)

[GROVER] Guys we got this, You ain’t shot this, Yo, I know your train of thought is that there ain’t no way in Hades that we’ll win. All your worries come in flurries, but we bested freakin’ furies! Look how Read More

the “Art of Grammar” by Dionysius Thrax (spoken reconstructed Ancient Greek)

Over the art of grammar. Grammar is practical knowledge of what poets and prose writers for the most part are saying. Its parts are six: First: proficiently reading aloud according to prosody; second: explanation according to the existing poetic modes; Read More

The Lightning Thief (Original Cast Recording): 17. Son of Poseidon (Audio)

September 8, 2019 100 Comments

PERCY: Seems my good intentions, always crash and burn, Everything I try to do will fail, never once will I prevail, going wrong at every turn. SALLY: What belongs to the sea can always return. SALLY & PERCY: What belongs Read More