Sesame Street: A Song About Elmo

[PLAYING GUITAR] ELMO: Oh. [WHISPERING] Guess what? Guess what? Elmo's friend, Mr. Adam Sandleris making up a song. Oh, Mr. Adam Sandler? ADAM SANDLER: Mm-hm. ELMO: Are you making upa song right now? ADAM SANDLER: That's right. ELMO: Oh. What's Read More

Very Cool Music – Talented street musicians

o no i [Música] d [Música] mundo 1 [Música] me llevo me volvió es algo muy mágico de demonios no no muy bien cómo y yo y mamá bien por tu labor tras mi baja moral día y amigo y Read More

Coolest Street Performer in London! Silviu Caraba turns you into an action hero!

hey guys so I just got back from London and I saw the coolest street performer ever right outside the eye of London there's this guy he's in a black suit looks very serious has black sunglasses on he's standing Read More

Funny street performer with amazing skills in Union Square, New York City – Part 1

shall we no no I don't think you want to see you turn around and face stuff away okay I don't think do how much a black guy why did I Sioux Falls Fieri don't move okay okay because if Read More