E9 Chord is THE Funk Chord. Super Fly. Get Down. Funk Guitar Course Lesson Tutorial s1p3

hey hey you're doing Justin here today we are checking out the funk chord which is e9 now een ein specifically because bass players love slapping the low E string so the lowest note on a regular four string bass Read More

Chords in the DADGAD tuning – Part One

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How To Change Chords Smoothly – Step By Step Approach

in this video I'm going to show you the secret of changing chords quickly and smoothly it's really not that hard and I'll be upfront with you nothing takes the place of practice practice repeating the same motions over and Read More

These 2 Techniques Cure All Your Chord Transitioning Troubles

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10 Funking Cool Funk Chords, Dominant Chord Substitutions: Funk Guitar Course Lesson Tutorial s1p10

hey you're doing Justin here today we are checking out 10 funking awesome dominant chords now what I mean by dominant chords is the e7 family well we're in efore now but it works in every other key and what Read More