The Art of Being Fragile | Alessandro D’Avenia | TEDxMilano

Translator: Eloisa Zendali Reviewer: Elena Montrasio We are the stories we remember. So, we must start with a story. The stories that pass through time and space are the stories that define us. This story begins at sea. It is Read More

PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! Summer EMOJI Edition w/ iJustine!

[Ro:] Hey guys! It’s Ro. Welcome to my channel! Today I’m hanging out with my friend Justine. [Justine:] Hi! [Ro:] You guys know Justine! We’ve made so many videos together, but if you are new to my channel, I’m gonna Read More

Fun Music For The Classroom █ Upbeat Happy Classroom Music Instrumental for kids & children – clean

Background Music For The Classroom. Clean Instrumental Fun Music For The Classroom.


pas facile car si propres officines évoqué mme baddou il n'est pas drôle mais le gold hawk est de neuf balles roulis speedo se compile heart chaumont gistoux loin comme word espion guy forget est riche en taurine des sondés Read More

4 Music Therapy HELLO Songs for Kids: 4!

hello you can do single we are here everybody with with with with it's live big time open your mouth and sing ah to fill your lips and sing show me your teeth I'd sing whoo nothing me Oh yeah Read More

How to record audio in Apple Mac Quicktime – Creating audio recordings in Quicktime for teachers

one of the other great features within QuickTime is the audio recording you may want to do an audio recording and upload it to GarageBand so you can do a podcast or just a simple podcast using QuickTime or just Read More

scientific notation of decimal numbers

today's lesson is on writing decimal numbers in scientific notation the example for this will be just like with whole numbers you need to first move the decimal after the first number from the left that's not a zero that Read More