WHY are there Recording Limits on Cameras? ๐Ÿ•ค

What Brainiac put recording limits on DSLR cameras? Let’s find out. [SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!] DLSRs have limitations on how long they can record video. Why? Well, well, there’s a couple of reasons. Initially, recording video on a DSLR camera was kind Read More

External Hard Drives and Your DAW

All the way from the start I could feel it in my heart like… hey what’s going on out there I’m Sean Divine hope you all are doing well today I want to talk about external hard drives and how Read More

Foreground For Better Composition – Part 2

this is a completely brilliant place isn’t it do you remember the hovis advert from about 25-30 years ago, with the bakers boy on his bike pelting down the hill this is where they filmed it now place like this Read More

Tips: Before Recording Your Screencast

When it comes to recording screencasts, pre- production is just as important as post- production. The following four tips will help you focus on your pre-recording process so you can save editing time later. Tip 1: Write a script before Read More

Composition of a Volcano: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson

Look when it comes to landscape photography there is a rule that I really, really, really want to stress follow it almost religiously. You can have the occasional religious doubt be my guest but for the most part believe. Believe Read More

Rhythm In Street Photography Composition!

[Music – No Worries by Daxten] What’s up guys! Welcome back to my channel. Thank you for the support from the last video! If you haven’t seen it yet make sure to check it out! Last time I was talking Read More

Any Camera Will Do- Tips on Composition: The Viewfinder with Marcin Lewandowski

Welcome my name is Marcin Lewandowski and in this episode of the Viewfinder I will talk a little bit about enjoying shooting with whatever camera you might already have and looking past the hardware. Our working title for this episode Read More

Composition vs. Inheritance with JPA and Hibernate

Hi, I’m Thorben Janssen from thoughts-on-java.org. In today’s video I will compare Composition and inheritance foe JPA entities Like all object-oriented programing languages, Java supports the fundamental concepts of inheritance and composition. There is an important difference between both concepts. Read More

Field Sound Recording

Good audio is the key to any good production. Without it, documentaries tend to feel amateurish and unpolished. However, by learning what it takes to capture clean sound you can give your audio a real chance at sounding crisp, clear, Read More

Too Close Composition: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson: AdoramaTV

The greatest tip I can offer you compositionally is simply this get closer. Hi I’m Brian Peterson and I’m the author of Understanding Composition, which is a field guide of more than 300 pages of photographic compositional tips. I’m also Read More