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Annihilation — The Art of Self-Destruction

Hi, I’m Michael. This is Lessons from the Screenplay. Every genre brings with it a set of expectations that shapes the kind of stories it can tell and the themes it can explore. And as Alex Garland, writer/director of Annihilation Read More

KOHH – ”Business and Art” Official Video

Everybody’s all about the dough Everyone needs money though Money come and money go It’s not money, art’s what I do it for It’s not money, art’s what I do it for It’s not money, art’s what I do it Read More

Just Dance 2019 – Jump | Gameplay

Hey everyone, we’re Kelvin Jaeder’s channel Jumping crazily I’m Allison And I’m Kelvin Before you watch this jumping video, subscribe to channel Leave your Like, it’s help us too much Follow us on Instagram, will be here below on video Read More

WHY are there Recording Limits on Cameras? 🕤

What Brainiac put recording limits on DSLR cameras? Let’s find out. [SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!] DLSRs have limitations on how long they can record video. Why? Well, well, there’s a couple of reasons. Initially, recording video on a DSLR camera was kind Read More

John Travolta Teaches Jimmy to Tango Like Pitbull’s “3 to Tango” Music Video

-I’ll never get used to just having you next to me. I’m such a fan. I’m sorry. I love being loved by you and I love being loved by them and I love you all. Thank you. -Aw. [ Cheering Read More

Will Todd: Starting a New Composition

So, when I’m writing and I’ve established what the text is, obviously I start working on the musical side. And, again, being an improviser, that will usually start at the piano with me finding perhaps a mood at the piano Read More

Klaxons – Valley of the Calm Trees – Music Video

While passing through the clouds of diamond dust As two mock suns arise beside our one The sundogs guide the way towards the east And set behind the valley of calm trees The destination Unfamiliar sands Amongst the ice fog Read More

Wheel of Musical Impressions Rematch with Alessia Cara

♪♪ -Now, how it works is we’re gonna take turns hitting this button here, which activates the musical impressions generator. It’ll land on one random singer that we can do impressions of and one random song title. Whoever’s turn it Read More

SFM / BATIM | Dangerous Jazz | Recording Town – Kyle Allen Music

[Intro music] You all know him! You all love him! He’s always watching! He’s always listening! He can sing and he can dance! He’s known around the world from here to France! This little devil is here to enhance… The Read More