Disney 2019 Christmas Haul! Funko Pop Figures, Pins, Disney Bound Outfits, Art & MORE!!

Let’s see what I got for Christmas is here Before the video starts I wanted to share with you guys that I will be doing all new channel art this year So on Wednesday, there will be an all new Read More

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i – We Know The Way (From “Moana”)

December 21, 2019 100 Comments

(echoes) (echoes) (distant drumming) (gasps) (echoing) (shouts) (voices chanting in foreign language) ♪ ♪ ♪ Tatou o tagata folau ♪ ♪ Vala’auina e le atua ♪ ♪ O le sami tele e o mai ♪ ♪ Ia ava’e le lu’itau Read More

Ryan, Sharpay – What I’ve Been Looking For (From “High School Musical”)

♪♪♪ ♪ It’s hard to believe ♪ ♪ That I couldn’t see ♪ ♪ You were always there beside me ♪ ♪ Thought I was alone ♪ ♪ With no one to hold ♪ ♪ But you were always right Read More