Session Recording for Piwik Analytics

Session Recordings is like eye-tracking but takes only seconds to set up, is much faster & cheaper. They let you truly understand your visitors. Fix usability issues, see where your visitors have problems, and much more. In such a replay Read More

Visual Composer Frontend/Backend Editor not working with WordPress 4.5 – FIXED [resolved]

hi guys today I'm going to show you how to update the visual composer plugin so um a lot of you have been having issues with once you've done your theme updates a lot not it seems like that's broken Read More

Silk Performer 17.5 – Recovering Results

in this look perform a video we'll learn about recovering results when the connection between the controller and an agent breaks we'll show you how to recover results from a cloudburst and from an on-premise load test Before we jump Read More

Silk Performer 18.0 – Time to Interact

[Musique] le cas du fign la nageuse texte initialement 6 6 louis balling un tic script pour mac os x will staples whissell à l'image de variations goldberg les statistiques ce week end elle est en direct services comme des Read More

Social Media Tips for Orchestral Musicians

there's been a lot of emphasis on social media lately there was just an article in The New York Times Sunday magazine about a lot of musicians using social media to promote their business to promote their careers so what Read More