Vocal Lessons Pop Filter will Improve Singing when Recording Tutorial

Hello Musicians thank you for joining us my name is andrew mercer and in this very short singing lesson I will give you some vocal techniques adversaries say is that uh… many subscribers two-minute videos that they have asked about Read More

Audio Recording with a Canon XH A1 Video Camera : Onboard Mic Audio Recording for a Canon XH A1

Today I’m going to be talking about audio recording, specifically of Canon XH A1 high definition camcorder. This is my personal camera, these are some of my personal external microphones. We’re going to go through everything you need to do Read More

Recording a personalised Vodafone voicemail greeting

Hi, I’m Sam from Vodafone and I’m going to show you how to record a personalised greeting for your voicemail so that when your friends call they know that it’s definitely you. To record your greeting just call 121 from Read More


Hello! The song that I’m about to sing is my original composition. I wrote this for all my countrymen who are working abroad (Overseas Filipino Workers – OFW) those who are struggling/sacrificing and missing their loved ones — especially their Read More

Get Fit in 4 Weeks Ep. 2 | Testing, Training Sessions & Recording Your Workouts

– Last week you may have seen our video on introducing the fundamentals behind any training program. It’s well worth checking this out if you haven’t already seen it, as this is the basis to any good training program. This Read More

5 Tips for Recording Ambisonics | Music Production Technology | Microphones | Part 3/7

August 25, 2019 1 Comment

[PLAYING CLASSICAL] Hi, my name is John Escobar. And we’re going to be discussing five tips and considerations when recording ambisonics. [PLAYING CLASSICAL] Because our image is derived from the combination of the various capsules working together, it’s very important Read More

ME!ME!ME! Vocaloid Remake (feat. Hatsune Miku, VY1V4, GUMI) [+ Instrumental]

Always, Always We were together all the times Always, Always I was thinking of you Your company, your time, Your posture My feeling are divided into two, baby Right now, at a time like this I would like to show Read More

ST̩LOUSE РSociopath (feat. Bryce Fox) [Cover Art]

Hey! The feelings I caught, the time that I lost Said it’s tough looking back when I thought what I thought Yeah, I feel ashamed, embarrassed with rage So I bloody the rain on your pity parade So cry, cry, Read More

Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix – Episode 4

“D-TRIX” SANDOVAL: What’s up, y’all? This is Dance Showdown. Woo! [MUSIC PLAYING] “D-TRIX” SANDOVAL: What up, y’all? This is your boy, D-Trix, from The Dominic Show. I’m super-amped to tell you guys that today is the performance day for The Read More

How to Make Clay Sculptures : Composition of Sculpture Clay

Hello. I am Chitrotpala Mukherjee from Oxpace, India and I am talking on behalf of Expert Village. The very interesting this is that they clay is not the same everywhere. You have black clay in some parts of the country; Read More