KIDZ BOP Kids – Bad Blood (Official Music Video) [KIDZ BOP 30]

cause baby now we got bad blood you know we used to be mad love so took a look at what you done cause baby now we got bad blood hey now we got problems and i don’t think we Read More

Jennifer Beals Shows Off Her Odd Musical Talent

Well, my show wasn’t on when you did Flashdance or I would have had you on. We could have danced together. Yes, we could have danced together. That’s exactly how I dance, like you danced in Flashdance. I usually have Read More

KIDZ BOP Kids – Girls Like You (Official Video) [KIDZ BOP 2019]

Spent so many hours, I need more hours with you. We spent the weekend gettin’ even, ooh. We spent those date nights making things right between us. But now it’s all good, babe (Roll it backwards, babe) And play me Read More

Tiffany Young – Magnetic Moon (Official Music Video)

Taming a wild heart Taking a free spirit Running on empty Chasing the heat of the night Hold on It’s a long way down Oooh~ Kinda crazy How the world spins ‘round Up on the roof Dancing for you Under Read More


December 5, 2019 41 Comments

All I wanna be is cool Pick it however I want, kick it Head, shoulders, knees It’s all HIP Do it do it like me do it Follow me, kick it Clapping clapping Everyone together, HIP I love you Whatever Read More

Idina Menzel, AURORA – Into The Unknown – Official Music Video

December 5, 2019 1 Comment

Ah ah oh oh oh Ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh I can hear you but I won’t Some look for trouble while others don’t There’s a thousand reasons I should go about my day And ignore your Read More

WENGIE ft. DAVID AMBER – Talk Talk (Official Music Video)

*Mr Nice Guy instrumental* (Telephone beeping) Talk talk talk And it’s breaking my heart All you do is talk, talk, talk, talk Shut up! Talk talk talk And it’s breaking my heart All you do is talk, talk, talk, talk Read More

Part 1 − Instrumental Medley Breakdown − Chet Atkins

December 4, 2019 12 Comments

Greetings from Saint Petersburg, Russia. My name is Pavel. I got a lot of requests on how to play this arrangement, so let me show exactly how I did it. And… good luck! So it starts with this little cue Read More

On The Move Dance Classes

December 4, 2019 No Comments

The best thing coming to class was just experiencing new things and just meeting new people. Everyone’s so nice and warming, so no one’s gonna laugh at you or judge you for not being confident or like, making a mistake Read More

OSHO: The Art of Listening (Preview)

December 4, 2019 13 Comments

. The Art of Listening Transformation in Silence I feel I can relax more and more deeply into myself. Yet, at the periphery there is an unassertiveness a trembling that can cloud the blissfulness of life. Does my ego need Read More