8 Replies to “The art of managing emotions | Daniel Goleman | WOBI”

  1. AY F says:

    He has an Amazing body language.

  2. David Oliveira says:

    Amazing speech, "Another Element is, that your Skills are challenged to their highest level, sometimes a little BEYOND!"

  3. Tirumala Swamy says:

    Really it is excellent!

  4. Gaby Lizarraga says:

    Wonderfull mesage. I already shared it with people who will certainly appreciate it. And I want to learn mucho more!!! Thank you. Gaby, Lima Perú

  5. John Smith says:

    The lack of immediate feedback is probably what makes studying so dull or flowless

  6. Wahid Maliki says:

    How about some credit to the cofounder of Flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

  7. LinYouToo says:

    For leaders: "people pay most attention to…what the most powerful person in the group says or does. The leader is the most powerful person, for better or for worse. You have a secret weapon …. using the social brain…." How people are feeling at any given moment is how they feel in your presence. Bam!

  8. SetfreeT M says:

    The human scientific explanations of emotions are interesting..But the spiritual understanding is explained right in the bible..

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