The Art of Seduction ft. Dita Von Teese

In my dating life, I can’t tell you how many
men I’ve encountered, especially like young men, and they’ll straight-up say, “I’ve never
seen anything like this in real life!” And that’s what you want to hear. You want to be the girl that he’ll never forget—and,
um, for good reasons. Like, a maestra of seduction, like, someone
who truly knows her craft knows that everything has to look like you didn’t try, like you
just are. The lingerie is one of those things—that’s
why you must wear it every day and enjoy it and wear things that fit you, so you’re just
like, “What?” You didn’t put it on for him, you’re not like
stumbling out of your bedroom like, “Oh, I put this on for you!” And posing. You know, you were already wearing it, and
he’s lucky he’s there and he gets to experience it. Like, if a guy wanted me to wear little bobby
socks and a schoolgirl uniform, I wouldn’t do it, because it doesn’t make me feel good. And ultimately it wouldn’t be sexy if I didn’t
feel good. The girl he never forgets is sexually knowledgable. You should read everything you can about eroticism
and sex, even if you don’t want to do certain things, you don’t have to. But being knowledgable is a requirement. I think maintaining mystery is important. When I’m with a man I don’t let him see everything—I
keep my feminine wits about me. The way that you exit…[Laughs] the way that
you exit a relationship is very important. You keep your dignity at all times, no matter
how heartbroken you are. I have been very heartbroken before, and I
have always maintained decorum and dignity. Because when you keep your dignity, and you
don’t do things like, you know, drive by his house or stalk his Facebook, or all the crazy
things that we do when we’re coming down from the high of love, and a relationship, there’s
so many crazy things you do. And you kind of want to be calm, cool, and
collected. I mean, I think like there’s just…I don’t
know. I mean, having a, having a sense of adventure,
you know? Like, I’ve bathed in my lingerie before, you
know? Taken off the stockings, flung them across
the wall, and they stick. You know, having a sense of adventure and
having a sense of humor when it comes to sex and romance. If you ask a man when you were sexiest, it
was probably a time when you were completely free and happy, and having a good time, and
laughing. Those are just the things that were true for
me, you have to find out for you.

100 Replies to “The Art of Seduction ft. Dita Von Teese”

  1. Jamie Jack says:

    This is a real woman

  2. Cherry Inmato says:

    why is this in my recommended?

  3. A is for America says:

    "keep it mysterious" but you sleep around with a bunch of men. What could you possibly be keeping mysterious? Sex might've been more enjoyable and more important for you if you had reserved it for your husband. When you go around giving yourself to everyone you date, you devalue yourself and your body.

  4. Pablo Sanchez says:

    If she was ugly would she still be able to seduce?

  5. Anh Tien Quang Nguyen says:

    Step 1: Be good-looking.
    Step 2: Seduce.

  6. Dylan Scott says:


  7. Robert Jensen says:


  8. Károly Papp says:

    Mix of the "cat lady" and a twelve year old homeless,beggar…. at least in the last bastion of humanity : eastern-europe.

  9. Rachid Rifai says:

    If ur not married for 20 years with 2-3 children
    Whats the point in all of this?

  10. Michael Stoddard says:

    The end game, beautiful yes, but will you make a great mother?
    What are the quality of the eggs in the Easter Basket? What cultural values will be passed with my genes to future generations?

  11. youngthinker1 says:

    What makes a person attractive, is the hard work they put into their life:
    A model's beauty stems from the hours of training, and maintaining difficult diets to achieve a body that few others can manage.
    A business man charisma stems from his work and experience that enabled him to establish his empire.

    Hard work, rarely if ever, is enjoyable for its entire duration; the exhilaration of completing a task comes at the end, not during.

    So yeah, I disagree with this video's entire premise, and agree she is physically attractive.

  12. miiamo xo says:

    Her hair is literally my goal

  13. Patricia Bartosik says:

    Not impressed with the manipulation of other people.

  14. Danny says:

    She gives me a bad vibe man.

  15. Lorena Ramirez says:

    I wear lingerie everyday of the week because that’s my thing 💕💕

  16. Übermensch says:

    wow what an idiot.

  17. Übermensch says:

    do not follow this advice.

  18. Shazeeda De Silva says:

    Wow that's a hot woman! Definitely dont see this these days. Love her products too. He advice is spot on!

  19. John Grepo says:

    Thank you Dita for your outlook on sex, its very healthy.

  20. Andres Alvarez says:

    Love it.
    Me encanta querida hermosa.

  21. Lakisha E says:

    The best 2.5 minute of my life.💖🙏

  22. Becca Skinner says:

    Write a book on the art of seduction!!

  23. Ema Ambition says:

    Im a man and I always dressed sharp.
    I do it for my self. It became like a habits. It makes me feel good and I get a lot of girls compliments me. That’s is also a good things. I don’t want the ladies to look at me as an average guy.
    My lady doesn’t like to much cuz I might get approach by other women.
    I do care bout her feelings but I got to live life to the fullest. I know where she is coming from cuz I’m Scorpio.

  24. isabel guitian says:

    Such a cliche

  25. Maha Hassan says:

    Her skin 😩💜

  26. J Lee says:

    She’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Montserrat Castañeda says:

    Dita es super sexy !

  28. Hannah Golightly says:

    She seems like she's putting on an act. More like a geisha than a life partner. No offense to her but it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and she was ever craving authentic connection, which it seems she never found.

  29. DreamyFish says:

    I see part of myself who I want to be more like , in her 💓 Great video , beautiful heart !

  30. Michaeli Reefe says:

    How does one keep their dignity if they've been badly abused or hurt? I think it's completely okay to have to lose your shit in order to find it again.

  31. Priz Amezcua says:

    She's sexy every minute of her freaking life <3

  32. Rox C Brown says:

    What lovely and divine feminine advice

  33. Ferra Nouri says:

    big ugly tits bitch.

  34. Ferra Nouri says:


  35. Ferra Nouri says:

    poor child jewdden dwarfism sick poor lunatic she.

  36. Ferra Nouri says:

    no neck.looks like all her butch grandmothers old on the first cunt day she born out of cunt and every one needs to know.they show the show. ugly. and poor. I eat five million dollar plate every lunch since im baby.!! shut up poor child of poor american , o, you opps, not even middle american class.forget it. she will cry.hard. no hard dick for her.

  37. Ferra Nouri says:

    she one pedicure per month..poor. she is not shaggy. she is saggy.

  38. Ferra Nouri says:

    ~pointy her mom umbrella set up bra forever, nothing natural little crap on her cover taste for life sad ugly face..:( yoden bitch she is..

  39. Ferra Nouri says:

    saying saying but no one wants it.

  40. Ferra Nouri says:

    shut da' fuck up bitch!!

  41. Ferra Nouri says:

    abused and everyone can see it.

  42. Ferra Nouri says:

    misery needs kom com

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  45. Ferra Nouri says:

    prostitute..arest her.

  46. Ferra Nouri says:

    flirty the unknown man makes strip death her kill legally!! she is gypsy prostitute yoden homo!! like all of them pro but not pro,prostitute.

  47. Prince Issac says:

    "I haven't seen anything like this in real life" 😂lol. That is something guys will say to the nurse even in an operation theatre while fighting for their life. Can't believe this delusional woman swallowed that with pride. The only reason I find anybody would say that to her might be coz of her appearance that looks like she's been directly transported from atleast 80 years back. It makes sense that way.

  48. Emerald Goddess says:

    Preach lol

  49. Kassey Lam says:

    “ You keep your dignity at all time, no matter how hurt broken you are”

  50. Robert Wiegman says:

    Totally agree with the sense of humor regarding sex and romance…when a chic takes it all too seriously it's no fun

  51. half n' half says:

    She's so beautiful 😭

  52. mr poppo says:

    this is the type of girls the weekend sings about

  53. The Happy Parasite says:

    This is so beautiful to watch and listen to. Her composure, her voice. Just sayin'.

  54. Giovanna Agnelli says:

    selfworth is the sexiest thing about a woman

  55. Caro Cabrera says:

    She’s such an role model

  56. samcad2013 says:

    Too much effort for a bit of attention. I have a life to live.

  57. kenetic182nd says:

    What a lady. I like her.

  58. Dominica Bollig says:

    If you leave the relationship with dignity- then the guy never knows how it really affected you and he wont get an ego trip- you got that right girl!

  59. Sydni Booker says:

    Step 1: Be Dita Von Teese.

  60. Nóra Jánosi says:

    FINALLY someone who knows HER worth

  61. dz RED S says:

    Womens should speak act and be like this legend over her we don't get to see this much of femininity in our society anymore

  62. Andy Smith says:

    Yadda yadda yadda

  63. lovellytshotshi says:

    Does anybody know the name of the song playing in the background?

  64. Ca Rol says:

    You have a kid mind.

  65. Jared Hanamaikai says:


  66. Jared Hanamaikai says:

    Burn whore

  67. Joe Boyd says:

    Thank you. That was nice.

  68. PartyForever says:

    – Wear lingerie everyday for yourself and enjoy it
    – Sexualy knowledgeable
    – Maintaining mystery
    – Keep and maintain dignity when you exit relationship (be calm, cool, collected)
    – Having a sense of adventure and humor when it comes to love making and romance
    – Free, happy, smile, and having a good time is woman’s sexiest time

  69. fio • says:

    Ok I need that top

  70. Primrose Munro says:

    She gives me lana del rey vibes ahah

  71. Monica Flores Chavez says:

    Love your style!!!!!!

  72. honkity honk says:

    Trisha needs to take notes tea

  73. Joy Villa says:

    i love love love this woman!

  74. The Vegan Martial Arts Café says:

    'With dignity'

    I'm usually drunk 😂

  75. ARB San says:

    It’s so intriguing and crazy seeing this 1950s pin up looking girl talk so modern lol

  76. Earth Love Skin says:

    I love this. And Dita Von Teese! 😍 So spot on and so helpful even if it was just 2:36 mins!

  77. Beaulah Bhakre says:

    But then stripping in front of 100 people is not classy or ladylike at all! My prerogative.

  78. Kenisha Hammond says:

    She's so beautiful. I hope she writes a book about eroticism. I would definitely buy it.

  79. I AM ENOUGH says:

    Wow i love this woman i love the exit with dignity i can say I’ve always done that. Lol

  80. SONof theSON says:

    You don't see this in women to much these days. Very refreshing.

  81. ChristyMercury says:

    I want to be like her. pure elegance and class

  82. penny miller says:

    wat does miss dita do ?*it must b something like porn or itd b here..
    anyway,yeh,if i dressed like that id have guys asking4 an escort,lol
    looks aside,i live in florida and gave up hose 20years legs are lean and tan,and im very proud 2 not have2 get all "duded-up" for a guy every day.its an impossible standard, except4 those that make their living on their bak;)
    married twice,got the cure.i like marylins words on the subject:
    if a man cant accept me at my worst,he doesnt deserve me at my best:))Word.ill take my no makeup look and tan leaness up against this fantasy any day-the men that like this need to grow a set and find a good woman who treats them well.flousies r 4 one night stand,dont get suck into ,"never let yur man c u without makeup b.s.,thats archaic and retarded.

  83. Althea Martin says:

    I agree with the keeping your decorum whole you leave

  84. Nicola Espitalier-noel says:

    Her and Manson.. is all I will say.

  85. lil baby tears says:

    This. Needs. To. Be. Longer.

  86. Alydia Forten says:

    Meh. I feel most comfortable in my thigh high socks and tennis skirts. It may be out of the ordinary, but that's how I prefer it to be.

  87. Own Your Relationship says:

    Wish there were more people like you!

  88. Jojo says:

    Where are the women like this nowadays?

  89. Krystal Black says:

    Can any one tell me the bgm of this video

  90. Richard Lombardo says:

    🔖Word of advice Dita,
    Falling in love is easy. Having
    Sex is easier.
    But bumping into someone
    Who can spark your soul,
    Now that's rare.
    Don't change yourself so that
    Other people will like you.
    Be yourself so that the right
    People will love you.

    never trade your respect
    for attention…self respect is

  91. Richard Lombardo says:

    🔖if you have any questions,
    I'm on Twitter! 👍✌

  92. Jaden Keene says:

    i come back to this video every few months or so. she's just so goddamn enticing and brings up a lot of good points lmao love you dvt <3

  93. Janie Tyler says:

    Didn't she just copy that look and personality?

  94. Marc Padilla says:

    Reminds me of the Black Dahlia. Hollywood's debauched Golden age. She has that sexy retro challenger look down pat. A perfect compliment to an iconic figure.

  95. Izabella Nauter says:


  96. Olek Wojno says:

    How to be seductive?

    For men:
    1. Be handsome
    2. Be attractive
    3. Dont be unattractive

    For women:
    1. Literally just exist

  97. diogo fernandes says:

    why the fuck am i watching this

  98. Electrono9 says:

    Wow, a woman, a real bona fide sensual, feminine, alluring woman. I thought these were outlawed??

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