29 Replies to “The Greatest Showman Cast – This Is Me (Official Lyric Video)”

  1. Reynan Bilog says:

    Ho now ho really sang this song

  2. MRP AC & BM says:

    I love this song so much. It make me accept myself, I don't really accept myself. I have alot of self down and its because im fat. All my friends and girls around me are thin and im not. But this song made me accept who i am

  3. Chloe Alexie Anne Matris says:

    I love that song

  4. Mohammad Talfiti says:


  5. Julian Reside II says:

    Chewbacca's beard is more beautiful.

  6. Fortnite clips says:

    I freaking cried out of my mind

  7. Alan Pratama says:

    I love the bass at the end

  8. Tsm Sypher says:

    Love love love this sooooonnnnnnnggggggggg

  9. Tsm Sypher says:

    Love love love this sooooonnnnnnnggggggggg

  10. Ce Ce says:

    When I first heard this song in theatres I almost cried. I don't even know why, since I don't remember ever being bullied.

  11. Ares99999 says:

    Midget appears. Sings three lines, then disappears.


  12. Samuele Galluzzo says:

    Ha un significato enorme 💙

  13. へのへのもへじ says:


  14. Diary Huzzaifa says:

    What's mean of this music? Anyone can tell me?

  15. King Gers says:

    Omg this made me touch my soul cuz it made me feel that there is no problem in being an ugly dude i love this scene :D💓💓💓💓💓💓

  16. wendy graham says:

    when Im constantly told how ugly I am, when I let it get to me, when I feel down and alone, I listen to this and it builds me up, THIS IS ME

  17. xd me beat tofu says:


  18. TheChristianFairy says:

    I volunteer with a ministry that connects people with and without cognitive disabilities. We have an annual talent show and one of the goals of the talent show is to allow the marginalized to celebrated. One group of participants cooperated with a professional dance troop to do a version of this song. I’m not kidding you the entire theater was in tears.

  19. ifeedonfear says:

    I have to sing this for choir it's ok I mean I'm tenor so I can sing kinda high this song is going to ruin my voice lol

  20. Not_ Chills says:

    Sang this for my 5th grade promotion memories 🙂

  21. Isis Bonilla says:

    My fav song

  22. ELISA ANDRADE says:

    This is my favorite movie.
    I am Mexican so I will sing this song on my quince's party

  23. 空の魂 -VIN5MOK3ツ says:

    isso ai

  24. Dantdm Fan says:


  25. Blessing Ajala says:

    We are warriors that's what you've become

  26. Rashidah Safri says:


  27. Sabrina Boston says:

    This song really speaks to me, and makes me feel stronger from all those times people shamed, and rejected me. I have REAL friends now.

  28. egg head says:

    I wonder if her boobs flopped out at the last part, lol😂🙃🤣

  29. Becky Swookies says:

    I no joke get goosebumps EVERY TIME I hear this song! 😭❤️

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