The Legacy of Dance

October 14, 2019 1 Comment

SUSAN SHIELDS: Ready? Inhale… And… Ya da da da da da [Singing and snapping] In today’s technology, you could always throw
on the DVD and learn the dance. You could. And you could learn the steps. But the soul? The soul of the piece has to be passed on
and that’s a very organic process. The year was 1988. I joined the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company. One of the first dances I learned was Brahms
Symphony. Lauren in “Pink Girl” and I was “Pink Girl”
many years ago. LAUREN STUCKO: She performed this role with
such integrity. It was such a big part of her life. And now she’s shared it with us and she’s
saying, “It’s now yours.” SUSAN SHIELDS: Choreographers live on. You’re going to hear Lar Lubovitch’s name
in dance history forever. Dancers don’t. You step off the stage, it’s very, very important
to feel there’s a place for all of this experience to go. Lauren found her way in to me in that way,
and that’s a lot of trust on both ends. LAUREN STUCKO: The growth doesn’t really just
stay within the rehearsal studios. She also finds a way to really challenge you
as a person. SUSAN SHIELDS: It’s been a hard journey for
Lauren. She’s had ups and downs without question. But, to the best of her young adult ability,
she’s learned to express her emotional life. Sometimes you twist this way. It’s more vulnerable for you to go straight
back and that brings you alive. There, there, there, there you go. LAUREN STUCKO: I think about my relationship
with Susan. It’s really demanded and asked me to find
my confident self, which has been really hard. When I dance, I want to touch people. If they can be affected, then that’s all I
could ask for. SUSAN SHIELDS: When I watch Lauren, I can
still feel it. I can barely sit still when I’m watching her
do it. This just makes me so proud. You know, there’ve only been a handful of
Pink Girls in history and it’s just one of those things that we’re going to share that — you really can’t words to something like that. And the fact that Lar has invited the Brahms
cast to perform on his 50th anniversary season in New York City, I almost can’t compute. It’s so full circle and so profoundly beautiful
to me. I also know how lost she’s going to be in
that moment and how special it feels. And it feels awesome, what can I say? I’m thrilled to share it… Thrilled.

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  1. Moonlight Sonata says:

    You Will Always Be Pink Girl Susan. You Should dance it Again. Remember my students at GMU? …Leah Mitchell and Jaymez…You gave them such gifts…thank you…

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