The Lightning Thief (Original Cast Recording): 13. Drive (Audio)

[GROVER] Guys we got this, You ain’t shot this, Yo, I know your train of thought is that there ain’t no way in Hades that we’ll win. All your worries come in flurries, but we bested freakin’ furies! Look how far we’ve come, we can’t give In! It’s one foot forward at a time! Dust off all that grit and grime! We still got a lot left to do, ‘Cause people are counting on us, and I’m counting on you! [CONDUCTOR, spoken] All aboard! [GROVER, sung] Drive! Just drive! Stay ahead and stay ahead and stay alive. We ain’t got no time for moping, when we’re working and we’re coping! So pedal to the metal and drive! [CONDUCTOR] St. Louis! Everybody off.
[ANNABETH spoken] Look! The Gateway Arch! [GROVER] Woah~ [PERCY spoken] Look! A lady with a puppy! Aw, is that a chihuahua? [ANNABETH] Aw.. [PERCY] Aw, hey lil guy- oH! OH OH OOOHO! [ECHIDNA spoken] It’s a Chimera! [ANNABETH] That was freaky!
[PERCY] That was scary!
[GROVER] Yo, guys, are you aware we keep surviving every creepy, crazy thing? [TRACTOR GUY spoken] Hop on my tractor! [PERCY, ANNABETH, GROVER] Like an arrow from Orion
Keep on straight and keep on tryin’
No Fates are ever gonna cut our string! [REPORTER spoken] As you can see, Bob, we got thunder and flooding and hurricane level winds. We urge all citizens to stay off the road and don’t- [PERCY, ANNABETH AND GROVER] Drive!
Just Drive! Stay ahead and stay ahead and stay alive! The weather may be stormy, But the road is still before me! So pedal to the metal and drive! [TRACTOR GUY spoken] Bye kids! [ANNABETH spoken] Okay, Here’s the problem: Public transportation is suspended due to the storm and if we get on a plane Zeus will strike us right out of the sky. [PERCY spoken] Do we have enough drachmas for an Uber?
[GROVER spoken] We don’t even have enough drachmas for a cheeseburger! [PERCY spoken] If you hadn’t bought all those dam snacks-
[GROVER spoken] Uh, it was the Hoover Dam? And I was hungry. (Verbal Fight breaks out) [PERCY spoken] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are we fighting? [ARES, spoken like the true douchebag he is-] I have that effect! Ares! God of war- Maybe you’ve met my daughter Clarisse? Wo-o-ah, Woah Relax, I come in peace. I hear you runts are headed to Hades. But you’ll never make it on public transportation! I can take you as far as Vegas. Y’all cool with motorcycles, right? [PERCY spoken] What do you think? Can we trust this guy? [GROVER] It’s one foot forward at a time!
[PERCY] Dust off all that grit and grime! [ANNABETH] We still-
[PERCY, ANNABETH, GROVER] Got a lot left to do~ ‘Cause people are counting on us, and I’m counting on you! Drive!
Just Drive! Stay Ahead! And stay ahead!
And stay alive! [ARES] The road, it offers freedom.
As for rules, hell, we don’t need ’em! So pedal to the metal and drive! [PERCY] I never dreamed that I could do this..
Never felt like I was worth a dam (hehe see what i did there) But I, I’m sorta getting through this I mean, wha? I mean, look at where I am! [ARES] Vegas, baby! This is where I get off 😉 [GROVER] That guy is so cool! [ANNABETH spoken] Okay, gang. We’ll be in L.A. tomorrow, but tonight we need a place to sleep. [PERCY spoken] How about here? The.. Lotus Hotel. [ANNABETH spoken] Pssh, you’re joking, right? In the Odyssey, if you went to sleep in a Lotus bed, one night could last 100 years! [PERCY spoken] Oh, I’m sure that’s irrelevant.. Uh, excuse me miss, how long have you been at this hotel? [BIANCA DI ANGELO spoken] Why, my brother and I arrived just yesterday! May 1st… 1939! [PERCY spoken] Uh, we can sleep on the road!- [PERCY, ANNABETH, GROVER] Drive!
Just Drive! Stay ahead and don’t get dead!
And stay alive! [GROVER] With the wind up on our faces, we’re getting all the places! [ANNABETH] No major fender benders! Now we’re looking like contenders! [PERCY] The Oracle can, can it,
I’ll save my mom and save the planet!! [PERCY, ANNABETH, GROVER] So pedal to the metal and- [PERCY spoken] Oh look! A bus to Los Angeles! [ANNABETH spoken] Are you sure that’s a good idea? [PERCY spoken] This one we just won’t blow up!
[GROVER spoken] (cutest most adorable sound George Salazar has ever made in his career, if not his life) Ha! [PERCY, ANNABETH, GROVER] And driiiiiiiive!

100 Replies to “The Lightning Thief (Original Cast Recording): 13. Drive (Audio)”

  1. Cassidy Mills says:

    That moment you realize
    you have a crush on any character played by George Salazar
    and George Salazar.

  2. Alisa says:

    I have been able to distinguish there arguing. So here it is: PERCY: If you hadn't bought all those dam snacks- GROVER: uh, it was the Hoover Dam, and I was hungery.
    ANNABETH: Ya, well you got fat, and you didn't need to. And you needed to buy me a T-Shirt, and that was it. Mabey you want to stop moving on?
    GROVER: No, no and you know that if I don't eat I get grumpy because my blood sugar is low and I have type 3 diabetes.
    PERCY: Ya, well you wasted ten dollars! No, we are all hungary grover! No, you don't think about anyone… Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are we fighting?

  3. _Err0r_ eRRoR_ says:

    "keep on straight"

    Nico:*looks away trying not to be noticed*

    For those who dont get it


    In the 4th Hero's of Olympus Nico De Angelo is confermed to be gay

  4. big idiot energy says:

    4:26 [grover spoken] (cutest most adorable sound George Salazar has ever made in his career, if not his life) I wheezed

  5. Just a Random Idiot says:

    Took me an hour of listening to the same part over and over but now I'm 99% sure I know what they say when they argue:
    Percy: Yeah, well it was ten dollars minimum! No, we were all hungry!! No, you don't think about anyone but diabetes!
    Annabeth: Wait a minute, you got snacks with this money?! You knew you would just buy me a T shirt, and now we did, maybe one for you, maybe one for Percy, come on!!!
    Grover: You know that if I don't eat, I get grumpy because my blood sugar is low!

  6. Jaylyn b says:

    Is that the Titans curse inside jokes I hEaR?????????

  7. Zansi says:

    This was probably one of my favorite scenes in the whole musical. The changing up of props to "create" different vehicles using flood lamps, trolleys, and motorcycle handlebars. The whole scene was so well organized and executed, and the song on top of it made it perfect.

  8. yee to my haw says:

    Best country song of the year

  9. oi_bruv720 says:

    hOp oN mY tRacTor

  10. Amber Leonard Casteel says:

    "Yo, guys, are u aware we keep surviving every creepy, crazy thing?"

    he has no idea……

  11. Amber Leonard Casteel says:

    (Ares, like the true douchebag he is-)


  12. Nagisa Karma says:

    0:09 why does that kind of sound like Michael from Be More Chill?

  13. quingsai says:

    OH DAM

  14. GamingAries says:

    Turn on captions during Percy's solo on the ares ride. For more dam jokes

  15. QueerBoy says:

    BIANCA!!! aahh

  16. Karlee Governale says:

    Percy: Aw, hey lil guy- oH! OH OH OOOO!
    Echidna: AhaHAH! It's a Chimera!
    Me: doNT dIe oN mE PErCY

  17. Stellar Panda says:

    OMG! I just THIS SECOND realized that the miss and her brother Percy turned to were actually Bianca and Nico Di Angelo!!! I also got the clue when I remembered she said 1939 and that would perfectly add up!! 😱😱😱

    EDIT: The italian accent was hard to pin down though.

  18. Madeline Foster says:

    2:00 DAM SNACK BAR!!

  19. Pershe says:

    Whoever made the subtitles is amazing

  20. Chris Lukaszewski says:

    OMGosh Percy was excited to see the old lady with a puppy before it was a chimera I love this musical so muchfkshfdikcnksncknc.

  21. cheyanne says:

    dude i played this in my mom's car, right?
    i didn't get the dam joke,
    so when George said, "Uh, it was the Hover Dam, and I was hungry..,"
    she started laughing and i was sitting there, confused.

  22. Lizzie Catherine says:


  23. sabby0208 says:

    i love how even bianca (and nico) have a cameo in this musical …. they really did their research

  24. Melissa Jones says:

    That guy is so cool….
    Me you won't think that it's cool

  25. Blue Rive says:

    wtf is that barfing sound in the background please i need help

  26. Rubi Cedillo says:

    Omg Nico and Bianca kajskdkkskdkdkdkdkkdkdkdkdkdkdkkd im screaming!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ethan Fitzpatrick says:

    Anyone else notice that when ares talks and you have captions on it says {ares, spoken like the true douchbag he is} and then says the qoute.

  28. Eoz Moon says:

    I love this dam song

  29. Kris Itchon says:

    you guys reading the captions when Ares is introduced

  30. Rita Wang says:

    Some girl: Well my brother and I arrived just yesterday. May 1st, — 1939!


  31. Ellie Covers Songs and Stuff says:

    I listened to this song for the one hundredth time, and realized the woman and her brother were Bianca and Nico.
    I thought it was a revolutionary discovery, until I told my friend and he said, "Lol yeah, so has everyone else"

  32. Emma Rogers says:

    Yo, I know your train of thought is that there ain’t no way in hades that we’ll wiiin… *INHALES*

  33. ObsessiveFanNumber1 says:

    This song just makes me so happy 🙂 especially with the annotations!

  34. noelani the fangirl says:

    stay aliveeeee

  35. bunnylover 1515 says:

    They did not go to the Hoover Dam in the lightning thief, they went in the titan's curse. And Annabeth and Grover weren't with Percy when he met the Chimera, they also stayed in the lotus hotel. This was really important in the book because that meant they only had like 2 days left. And if Percy never fell in the river under the arch he never would have known to go the ocean on the west coast.

    But honestly, this is so much better than the movie I will overlook it.

  36. Jay Craw says:

    I think this is my favorite song on this soundtrack it’s so dam funny

  37. Sage De Metz says:

    I guess they found the dam snack bar! 😀

  38. Their Arrival ls Approaching says:

    Turning on the captions was the best decision I’ve ever made.

    [ARES, spoken like the true douchebag he is-] I have that effect!

  39. Martha Red says:

    Percy: “Woah woah woah, why are we fighting?

    Ares, sitting on the rafters: “I have that effect.”

    Entire theatre starts clapping, and it takes a good 10 seconds for the song to continue again

  40. purplecatlover1825 randompizza says:

    Omg bob


  41. velleity says:

    Why is the guy who goes "HOP ON MY TRACTOR" in the back so funny to me???

  42. Alex Pineapple says:

    I love Grover being a fanboy. 😂

  43. Happy to be Uke says:

    Bob the Titan? 1:22

  44. Steph Piano says:

    When I saw it live after Ares said “this is where I get off” Annabeth was all “ewww” WAS THAT A DIRTY JOKE ASDFGHJKL

  45. lizard wizard says:

    the DAM snacks!!

  46. lizard wizard says:


  47. Gaming Spaces says:

    The captions tho! When he used the dam joke it said (see what I did there) and when Ares first spoke it said (Ares like the douchebag he is) LOL

  48. Davi Srey says:

    2:15 ARES, spoken like the true douchebag he is
    Ares: EXCUSE MOI?
    Me: Its true.

  49. sophie scribbles says:

    My two favorite things, George Salazar and Percy Jackson

  50. Nerdymmermaid says:

    Turn on Closed Captions for anything, if not, 2:15 alone!

  51. Nick Kurtz says:

    Ares (GOD OF WAR): I come in peace

  52. Rita Wang says:

    2:12 D I A B E T E S

  53. kikml22 says:

    I want George Salazar to step on my face

  54. Isabella Di Salvo says:


  55. rachel b says:

    At 2:15 the captions say "ARES, spoken like the true douchebag he is"

  56. Tahiyat Chy says:

    KGALGSGLSGLS 2:16 in the subtitles says ‘Ares, spoken like the true douchebag he is’ I can’t even-

  57. Chloe Slansky says:

    Catch me at 3 am singing this

  58. boku_wa_sugoi says:

    I haven't read the original books (I'm so lame, I know) to understand all of the easter jokes and inside jokes. Hell, I just started listening to the album and I don't know if I completely follow the plot yet either. But I just want to say how this song, especially the lyrics "Drive/Just Drive/Stay ahead, stay ahead/Just Drive" is really helping me cope with depression. I keep on repeating this song over and over again. Thank you so much Rob Rokicki and cast of The Lightning Thief. I hope to see this show in person one day.

  59. Wren The Foxx says:

    Stay alive!

  60. Liv Richardson says:

    (hehe see what I did there)

  61. i smell pennies says:

    grover encouraging people is my aesthetic

  62. bell says:

    i freaking love ares

  63. That_theater_kid_08 says:

    3:05 I think that is Grover choking on a bug listen carefully and you’ll hear it

  64. Luna The Booklover says:

    “Spoken like the true douchebag he is”
    Lol 😂 love your captions

  65. tj geneva says:

    “ares, spoken like the true douchebag he is”

  66. K1ngtok1 Studios says:

    Grover: TYPE 3 DIABETES
    Me:wtf is this an insult? should i be offended (im a type 1 diabetic) should i laugh?

  67. Sunny Freya says:

    OOOOOoooOOOOoOOO that three part harmony

  68. PercyDoesStuff says:

    All those dam snacks 😂 I love the PJO series

  69. baby fox says:


    Captions- Ares spoken like the true douchebag he is-] i have that effect!

  70. Audrey AT says:

    Yall turn on subtitles before ares comes in

  71. Audrey AT says:

    Ares, spoken like the true douchebag he is-

  72. Fairy says:

    "aw, hey little guy-OOHHH OHHH OOOOH OHOOO"

  73. Awkward Potato says:

    George: breathes
    me: OMG you've done it again!

    edit: btw this musical is actually written by Joe Tracz, one of the producers of BMC

  74. PixieDog Blogs! says:

    God the subtitles are golden

  75. Sleek Bluejay says:

    Grover, Percy and Annabeth harmonizing
    Me: Hums along
    Me: Love these Harmon-
    HoP oN mY tRaCtoR
    Me: dies

  76. cool dad says:


  77. Abbie Garrison says:

    They changed ‘cheeseburger’ to ‘veggie burger’ for the broadway run!

  78. Um Okay says:

    Who made the captions 😂

  79. The daily life of two Weirdos says:

    At 2:58 I hate Ares… but DAM the guy has an amazing voice

  80. The real potato narwhal says:

    Please turn on captions

    Its so worth it

  81. DiD YoU jUsT fRiEnD-zOnE mE? says:

    Whoever did the captions…I applaud you

  82. Cybelle says:

    1:12 Grover: Hey Guys, I think we have plot armor!

  83. Calamity lovesick says:

    Ohhoh my Gods go to 3:11 and turn on the captions 👀👀👀👀

  84. Kiwi Time says:

    Imma make 2 comments so that there's a thousand comments

  85. Kiwi Time says:


    congratulations there's now 1,000 comments!

  86. Jojo says:

    I love these subtitles

  87. Gibson Rause says:

    2:15 ares spoken like the true dough bag he is: is it just me

  88. Bobbie & Bobby Jeffrey says:

    Lemme just say; don't turn on the captions. specifically at the Lotus scene. let's just say WE GOT SOME DI ANGELOS

  89. SailorMew4 the Guardian says:


  90. Just Little Annoying Agatha :3 says:

    Oh my Gods inside joke

  91. Lunatic Heart says:

    02:15 and 03:13 and 04:27 turn on the title😂

  92. Zohar Bowman says:

    These freaking subtitles are amazing- 2:15 spoken like the true douchebag he is XD
    Also 3:08 lol
    3:26 jeez ok

  93. big idiot energy says:

    me: lip syncs to this for literally 45 minutes
    my fbi agent: please stop…….

  94. Allison Gorman says:

    I had the same lyric stuck in my head of “drive just drive way ahead and stay alive” for three hours during my PSAT today.

  95. Scree Ree says:

    Whoever did the captions, I love you

  96. Anna Murray says:

    "Ares, spoken like the douchebag he is"

  97. Aisling Flynn says:

    whoever did the captions – i see you and appreciate you

  98. give me barley sugars says:

    "You don't think about anyone but diabetes!"

  99. Winnie Pig Gacha says:

    Who is better:
    Grover (like)
    Micheal from be more chill (comment)
    Lol it’s the same actor

  100. Winnie Pig Gacha says:

    *everyone casually hanging out together*
    *i walk in*
    *everyone leaves*
    Me: I hAvE tHaT eFfEcT

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