100 Replies to “The Mexican Hat Dance (El Jarabe Tapatio) with FIRE! – Joe Penna”

  1. lanz aaron says:

    I KNOW YOUR NAME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jimmy John’s Official©️ says:

    why so many dislikes?

  3. Ace-ab says:

    @letseatpietonite utube synthony of noobz

  4. Triasadi Pranata says:

    The Beatles – Let it Be

  5. TheReviex says:

    i found it! Hire!

  6. Martig Sarian says:

    You look like Amir from collegehumor whit that guitar app. hope you get what i meen because… just go wach "Jake and Amir"…:DDD

  7. bigspike says:

    The other guy looks like tom cruise from tropic thunder….les grossmans blowin up son….lmfao

  8. bigspike says:

    How many matches were harmed in the making of this video? OH THE INHUMANITY……ALL THOSE MATCHES …… pointlessly murdered….and with no tobacco lit or farts burned clean……WHY GOD……WHY?

  9. BawmeELO says:

    Uh. Why is the iPod plugged in if the power's out?

  10. ModernMusicSucks69 says:

    i really liked the song he was playing at the beginning to

  11. LiiChinHo says:

    What the hell did the white guy do?

  12. casadoalfredo says:

    @TheFontoura muito triste quase ninguem aki no Brasil conhece o Mysteryguitarman 🙁

  13. The nigga says:

    @casadoalfredo de 1173982 só 34 🙁

  14. maenezz says:

    what the melody is played in this video??

  15. Tikotidu says:

    a caray q cancion mas mexicana!! xD nice video mistery guitar man

  16. Ojuara Onateac says:

    Awesome video!!! I think you woulda gotten cooler sounds with a zippo style lighter though.

  17. HulkJr100 says:

    lol this has been a psa by mysteryguitarman don't play with fire

  18. SuperSuperMarioMan says:

    make a guitar hero remix or something

  19. CARLITOSJAH says:

    soy mexicano y me gustan tus videos 🙂

  20. John Morris says:

    My mommy told me not to listen to stragers. TIME TO PLAY WITH FIRE!!!!!!!

  21. Rachel Wilson says:

    Don't play with Fire ~ MysteryGuitarMan -Message brought to you by Smoky the Bear

  22. Sukma Wijaya says:

    When the lights out =P

  23. Lucy Phelps says:

    Let it be! <3

  24. lolnoortje says:

    make video with barking dogs

  25. EgonGames says:

    see a bizarre video that surpasses the teleportation of goku

  26. Icy Dice says:

    make a song with poping gum bubbles

  27. sloz100 says:

    i thought you wernt supposed to be playin' with fire

  28. Giorgio Todio says:

    why didnt i not know there was a black out XD

  29. Greg Schultz says:

    LET IT BE!

  30. wolfiewinchester says:

    @misxducheszx Wow you're right! I never noticed that! lol

  31. Yea Ok says:

    That's "Let It Be"!

  32. Eddieost0309 says:

    what song is that?

  33. Oliver Oxenfree says:

    Gotta love the scream at 1:36

  34. MrEllegi1 says:

    Don't play with fire 😉

  35. 1004Tears says:

    ooOOoooo the sweetest thing!

  36. Kevin Gracia says:

    viva mexico wey ^.^

  37. Spottedsnow416 says:

    the disikes are the kids who tried to copy mgm using fire

  38. Alalaya2 says:

    where do you get time to do this stuff?

  39. ThinkingMagic says:

    Hey That's my friend in the video!!! #GuizDP

  40. JonasDamm says:

    Joe without glasses at 0:36

  41. Jeffory says:

    Darn it power outage he was gonna play let it be DX

  42. Kyle Chen says:

    wtf was that other dude doing….

  43. Nate Stanley says:

    Were you playing let it be by the beatles at the beginning?

  44. tiny asianzz says:

    make a video out of a toilet

  45. MultiDean98 says:

    Played "let it be" In the beginning

  46. Completely Kiki says:

    why does this video have so many dislikes?!

  47. xlegoxgaming says:


  48. Hannul says:

    awesome video man

  49. arthur7803 says:

    adults should to not play with fire

  50. Reeses_pieeces says:

    as a pyro and being 14 i like this video

  51. Nick Schuibbeo says:

    let it be in the beginning

  52. Vincent says:

    epic xD

  53. Christy Baby says:

    So much for don't play with fire 🙂

  54. Charlie Bone says:

    that thumb blisters gunna be HUGE!!

  55. x3ro1337 says:

    Nice 🙂
    No power but iPhone is connected to computer I assume? 😀

  56. Kill Taunt Kill says:

    u should of did symphony of destruction with fire

  57. Dubstepturtle Morante says:

    who won the psp?

  58. Froleyboy says:

    I love how he plays the Beatles at the beginning!!!!!

  59. J. Holleaux says:


  60. binguya94 says:

    who is the other weird guy?

  61. The_Legend_Of_The_Silver_Dragon says:

    @cheffon2 can work with batteries. idiot (-_-")

  62. Mikkel Petersen says:


  63. Courtney Garza says:

    Can I get one of your shirts!!!!

  64. ShaneReinert says:

    Lighters and apple….wait isn't there a lighter app

  65. SuperRokoman says:

    I'm not a liar! 🙂

  66. Killoper5 says:

    Did you really ask that?…

  67. Niels Andersen says:

    1:41 challenge accepted

  68. Sharon Cummings says:

    no idea

  69. mujump says:

    Is it ironic that the add that popped up said: Need an Electrician?

  70. liamnator88 says:

    Should you really be lighting that up in front of your face?

  71. Alex Withastrat says:


  72. sunshinegirl1707 says:


  73. Natan Scopel says:


  74. Banjo says:

    Mexican Hat Dance! ;D

  75. spartan612 says:


  76. JoaquínHaceVideitos says:

    Fire rhymes with potatoes!!!! jajajajjajajja

  77. Jonathan says:

    Such creativity….

  78. SMIS says:


  79. legendgirl101 says:

    You should do a tetris cover!

  80. Yahmez says:

    Make a song using a toilet!!

  81. Best Of BenzaieLive says:

    your eyes … no … nooo

  82. Gabriel Goldman says:

    How come his approval ratings went down as soon as 2011 started?

  83. Jany cn says:

    Ay we, te amo<3.
    I'm mexican *-* and i love this!

  84. Stephen Sanchez says:

    you stink

  85. Grace MacCaskill says:

    you try doing what he does and post a video

  86. lightwolf 35 says:


  87. Mathieu Portelance says:

    Let it Be at the begin 🙂

  88. VieDeGamers says:

    Guiz! 😀

  89. Julio G says:

    love tacos and greetings from México. mystery guitar man is said here in México misterio hombre de la guitarra

  90. Marco López says:

    one mexican like this me dio gusto que haya hecho ese video 😀

  91. ThatdudeSpotto says:


  92. ThatdudeSpotto says:

    you mean 1:39 right?

  93. Julleeus says:

    why there's so many dislikes?

  94. Cj Epp says:

    No play with fire you'll heart or burn something

  95. Luiz Gustavo Cerveira Braz says:


  96. Liam Brown says:

    let it be in the beginning! yay!

  97. Sam Salsbury says:

    only mysteryguitar man would think of this!!!

  98. Creative Cat Productions says:

    I was just thinking about this guy. I haven't seen him in years.

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