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aseel show global H-Hi so….what are you called? Hello…what’s your name, and….and where are you from? Kappa oh god oh fuck oh g Oh uh?….Help Sorry hoe don’t do that oh my god Where are you from? Do you want to know if she married?, No Sorry Woah The key is moving,the key is roll over,WOW Oh Whoa….,that was my card, that’s your card, that’s weird She helps me,no I didn’t,she helps me What?!?! That’s creepy I’m never at a loss for words But I seem to be at a loss for words now, you’ve scared the hell out of all three of us I want to be like you I think we’re communicating, I’m getting well That was the most unusual magic act I have ever seen in my life But it was very good,Jay?Careful,careful,careful I don’t want to be hexed, so I’m just gonna say I like the performance yeah Before anything I love my family you know just I have nothing against you and So yeah, I think yes, yes Yes, yes may I call you, baby No, I guess not yeah, well, baby you got my yes to,that’s three yeses!! That was awesome Some kids have an imaginary friend Some people think it’s fun But It’s not My imaginary friend likes to play Let’s play,come if you want to play,let’s play Why me? Do you want to play with her? She likes you She wants to play with you,see the sunlight being rejected Have a seat Okay Sacred Rihanna,all right Alan you need to get over here Alan it’s to be fine All right First of all,on goon are you okay? You know what I keep telling myself right now that this is not real. This is not real, so Yeah, that’s all I can say David:Riana, it’s so unusual and it’s terrifying and It’s impressive. It’s very impressive agreed, and I would like to I’d love to have coffee with her sometime. Are you single Riana? I guess that’s a no No copy,all right Jay, what are you thinking? I’m thinking I peed my pants a little Yeah, very unique is it was scary, but it’s still entertaining at the same time great overall Okay So this set could Riana um I believe your goal was just care on gyoon quite nicely And you accomplished that how does that make you feel? If your hands Fini fini Whoa Demons cannot cross over onto our three They can only whisper in our ears But a single word can turn your favorite pleasure into your worst nightmare Sit down the masti on a pep talk She doubt I must do a bathroom Mm. I’m a co-op red Go Okay this sacred Riana Alan watch out for the zombies yeah, oh my goodness careful zombies. I don’t I don’t like this Okay, what let’s take a real. Why don’t you come up here? Okay? It’s Zombie us Okay, all right on goon. How are you? Are you okay? Okay Janna mm-hmm, I don’t know what is it with me? You have you have these two there Okay, we’re not going to talk that I know okay one thing Briana. That was spectacular That was spectacular great Very much afraid of you, I’m super scared of you, but I have to say I’m becoming you turned me into your absolute fan David we scared Well, you know Riana throughout this whole process with Asia’s Got Talent this season has Become the one that everybody wanted to see and everybody wanted to watch She’s become the most anticipated act of all the acts that we’ve seen over the last few months. Oh yeah today tonight She did not disappoint. She killed it literally Right J You know after after you know watching your semies, I I’m glad I came prepared today, and I wore a diaper Yeah, I mean you know you’re very unique and I was very entertained and frightened at the same time great job All right the secretary onna the judges were quite scared again, how does this performance make you feel? Three of you come to the stage sit here Put your hands on the table Frick Sit there That’s what we doing here you guys that’s my answer as well Okay, hope we don’t disappear What’s gonna happen oh my gosh In the mid 19th century Fear and grief make people try to contact them the only way To reach them is through a medium Think of your biggest fear keep it in your mind Don’t take your hands off the tableau I call you I Call you Come back from the shadows Yes syrota god when Hannah order C is here C is here Stopping the tank Oh Tell me your biggest fear J bar I Said unhappiness What So over keeping the insecurity that Is the heavy table okay, all right Jay Jay, are you how you doing? Yeah What is going on here? I don’t know man. What are you thinking? I? Mean I don’t know I mean, you know I that’s what I thought in my head And then you know the table was moving out. Okay, this is kind of fun tables And then you know she lifted up the board and said and happiness, which is what I thought in my mind Did someone come into my brain. I don’t know it’s it’s it’s I feel weird I feel weird yeah I’ve no answers for you Jay uh on goon What you think about your friend the sake of Riana well first of all Rihanna? You’re my girl Thank you so much for not targeting me this time That was a load of now, you know how I felt yeah, yeah, I peed my pants a little no That was another spectacular performance again again and again And I know Riana you have millions of followers you are you have millions of five? All right David talk to us men well, I expected unique I expected strange I expected magic We got all of those I would just recommend that maybe She work on her social skills just a little bit Okay, there’s just a suggestion because I don’t want to make her mad a good suggestion the sake of Riana After that performance, which the judges have all agreed was amazing how do you feel? Asia make some noise for the sacred

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  1. Metalliguitare _ says:

    The box she use at 11:30 furiously looks like the box from the Hellraiser horror film series

  2. Roko Pesic says:

    Do yall think she is virgin?😂

  3. sjekskrndbjsb nsbdndndnd says:

    – play With me
    – assim nada contra mais eu escolho DEUS não o DEMONIO

  4. Cosmic Galaxy says:

    The table come up by itself and takes them across the stage

    Jay: where we goin?

  5. ChubbyChick19 says:

    She so scary.. oh my God..

  6. Gwyn Anino says:

    The audience and me laughed instead of being SCARED

  7. Allison utrera says:

    No se q madres veo esto si ni siquiera se ingles 😂😁😅

  8. Вадим Б. says:

    Клёвая она вот тут

  9. cansu demir says:

    hic turk yok mu lan yanliz hissediyorum burda🤘🤘🇹🇷🇹🇷

  10. AlbGaming TV says:

    Who Is Watching In October 2019 😂

  11. -sarang Chung- says:

    I'm from vietnam 🙂 nếu cái này là thật 100% cô bé sẽ bị tổ trức dam giữa

  12. Tevi's says:

    Y'a t'il un fr ??

  13. Chain Paruehat says:

    คนไทยไลค์เม้นนี้ 😱

  14. JOJO Naser says:

    لد لذ لا ٪؜ زـ£ ،د. ٍ

  15. Hamood Bassam says:

    ها ي جن وحياط ألله

  16. Dunk Master says:

    LoL that The peoples were fake

  17. Jusè Eduardo says:


  18. Marcos Gabriel says:

    Alguna Chica de Perú para charlar 💞😊

  19. DJ Krzysiek Konke Officjal says:


  20. Le'D T says:

    She said before anything I love my family…I have against you…so I think yes, yes!! Laugh of the week bc ik she was scared out of her mind and permanently into her chair.

  21. Lovercookies 123 says:

    Anyone else watched it on Halloween 💀👻
    / (last years Halloween)

  22. 이영옥 says:

    1.Простите!!(Ехсuse me!!)

    2.Вы спасены Иисусом?(Sir, have you been saved?)

    3.Ееле вы умрёте сегодня вечером, вы можете пойти на небеса.(If you die tonight are you going to heaven?)

    4. Почему мы должны верить в Иисуса? ( 4. Why should we believe in Jesus)
    Это потому, что Иисус – Бог, Который умер и воскрес на кресте за наши грехи.( This is because Jesus is the God who died and rose on the cross for our sins.)

    5. Примите Иисуса и будьте благословенны, чтобы попасть на небеса для всей вашей семьи.
    ( Accept Jesus and be blessed to go to heaven for your whole family.)

  23. Valentina isabella Reyes angelucci says:

    Guao como se sentiría estar hay

  24. deep raj says:

    It was disrespect man first you would have gave your introduction politely

  25. BK_AQUILES zeta says:


  26. Mae Tike says:

    Sacres riana is amazing woman

  27. Sora6541 says:

    The third trick is my favourite, but I think that fourth is the best.

  28. Unniedoll Hayranı says:


  29. SiDDhAnt Lawati says:

    Who like riana

  30. Delisa Qelaj says:

    Ich wussete das telekinese existiert

  31. Jayanti Jaya says:

    Orang Indonesia mana suaranya 😁

  32. Pooja Singh_ShaRoN says:

    Is her personality really like this ? Or she's acting ? 😕 God damn she's scary but I don't why I like her !! 😊

  33. 《karAn sOni》 says:

    I m already believe in devils and souls
    Don't try to scary me

  34. `• Trianna •` says:


  35. Suvam Sapkota says:

    its not real guys so dnt fear

  36. MANIK KUMAR PAL says:


  37. Нуриева Земфира says:

    Кто из расии

  38. Picks says:

    She's casting a spell in Latin. At the same time, there is the word "apertum", which means "open". And you can hear something like " demon"

  39. Dashin Ze says:

    Я одна Русская?

  40. Valentina Cavassa says:

    Que miedo 😨

  41. Ema Ostojčić says:

    Ic sckert

  42. Amloc Rahlan says:

    She did look like a really gossip 😀

  43. Jessica Rose Tuhua says:

    So funny how she targets that one lady!!!

    OMG 50 likes thanks so much!!!

  44. Saad Meryy says:

    هاد البنت تشتغل بالسحر الأسود

  45. Frost line says:

    Asia 2017? Pero si hablan en Inglés

  46. I GEDE ANUNE says:

    I want this year 2019,Helloween using Riana's concept….simple but creepy full 😈😈😈

  47. Elena Josefina Sánchez Caridad says:


  48. A simple potato says:

    For some reason I’ve been reading it as scared Rihana instead of sacred

  49. josef Madridejos says:

    This Woman doesn't need an introduction she's just getting straight to the point

  50. X MARK YT says:

    My g0d🤓🤓

  51. Oanh Doan says:

    Anh Jay dep troai vãi 😍

  52. Zynee Batugan says:

    Who is watching now 2019 october😂

  53. Cristel kawaii says:

    Esta niña tiene pacto con el diablo ok no ;-;

  54. Hailey Kneebone says:

    What the HECK IS GOING ON

  55. Talija Sity! says:

    kete kurrala

  56. 《KG9 》 Al - Tamimi says:

    شلونه الحجي

  57. Noleen Noronha says:

    Her hair is looking honted when she didn't cut her French she is good for horror movies because of her hair

  58. Noor Fathima says:

    Like scared riyana

  59. Noor Fathima says:

    Like scared riyana

  60. Vania VM says:

    "Hello so what are you called" 0:16

  61. Cos tumer says:


  62. Nelis van Wieren says:

    That is awesome. You can't do that in America or Britain the people will wet themselves

  63. Aruka SMIT says:

    как она спит по ночам пххпхахпха

  64. Alief Ad dien says:

    Riana From Indonesia?

  65. Nattwat Somkid says:


  66. Rheajoy Pascua says:

    So scared😲😲

  67. Laís games says:

    I scared

  68. Abdelkader Charafi says:

    Whaaaaaaat 😨😱😱😱😱

  69. kremol Kir says:


  70. yaz hauyon says:

    Putain elle est flippente

  71. Um khalil Alaraj says:

    هل من عرب هنا

  72. Yisell Ortiz says:

    Creo que rianna tiene una ibsesion con anggun :v

  73. Maia López says:

    alguien sabe el instagram o alguna red de riana?
    somebody knows the riana's Instagram?

  74. احمد فاخوري says:

    واو كثير حلووو لما حطت العبه داخل البيت العبه صارت بنت حقيقيه زي مريم

  75. Animegirl Draws says:

    I'm trying to figure out how she does this!!!

  76. Liza says:

    Que vergonha alheia da porakkkkkkkk

  77. Hana Jimin says:

    Oh my good

  78. Татьяна Десятова says:

    Она сведёт меня с ума я её боюсь

  79. Boboi Barfi says:

    Это мантаж ато вапше ничесно

  80. Vivi T GachaQueen says:

    Wow i have never seen a girl that know how to use black magic

  81. Quinn Pric says:

    Does anyone like the creepy ness of Sacred Riana?
    I do.

  82. Lori Sakalosh says:

    That's scare and wied

  83. Eloah Gacha says:

    Não vou dormir essa noite 🐒

  84. Shanthi Ravi says:

    I really love riana

  85. الصقر الجريح says:

    Time 20/10-2019 clock 03:50

  86. Gilson Gonçalves says:

    Essa garota tem um pacto forte com forcas ocultas.

  87. Francisco Collares says:

    So satanic

  88. Francisco Collares says:

    Hay see 2019

  89. sebahat öztürk says:

    ohh noo was is das

  90. sebahat öztürk says:

    😂😂😂😂❤️komik ve korkutucu

  91. sebahat öztürk says:


  92. Ladybug 2010 & Ogan 2011 says:

    Like chi é italiano e lo vede nel 2019

    Mi sono spaventata… Credevo fosse Samara…

  93. sebahat öztürk says:

    💀💀👻wass is das

  94. xxshanthyxx PH says:

    I think she have a powerfull power that Anybody give…..I wish i have that power too

  95. dede cahyono says:

    riana from indonesia ,and me

  96. Cathlyn Locquiao says:

    I belive Riana's have a Black magic
    I belive in a black magic

  97. irem Kaya says:


  98. airlin bilva adeva sehan sehan says:

    Smw komen pake bahasa luar baca nya kayak ebtanas ….wes yg Indonesia like 👍

  99. لولو سان says:

    وت هبنا،🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🖤🖤🖤🖤

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