21 Replies to “The Weeknd – Starboy (official) ft. Daft Punk”

  1. sujit maharjan says:


    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0║



  2. Goyal Goyal says:

    The best weekend song with stars

  3. Ariff Hamid says:

    Now it's 2019 this song is still so goooooood.

  4. Ariff Hamid says:

    Who is listening in July 2019?

  5. Парвиз Очилдиев says:

    best of best

  6. Matija Bulatovic says:


  7. Beverage Man says:

    IF yOu LikE THiS CoMMenT It MEAnS yOu wIll GeT CaNCeR

  8. shouter boy says:

    One like for The weekend

  9. Billy Granger Jr says:

    Slavery 40 Act

  10. rebel hunk says:

    My mood before this song : ●︿●

    My mood after this song : ☜☆☞

  11. rebel hunk says:

    I'll back after one year. Leave a like so I can remember.

  12. Bjorn Zarassi says:

    Man: I'm gay
    Woman: I'm lesbian
    Man disguised as woman: I'm pansexual
    Boy disguised as girl: I'm transgender

    Starlord: I'm a motherfukin' Starboy!

  13. GRS Towing says:


  14. Toori Baba says:

    Why did he kill the poor man?

  15. Heisenberg says:

    Everything Daft Punk touch turns gold

  16. Subday origi Plays says:

    I always thought he said centipede

  17. Akash Kumar says:

    We don't pray for love
    We just pray for cars.

  18. ABRATPITI says:

    Esta rola estaba buena en la prepa, echaba palenque con esta jajaja que viejos tiempos :')

  19. Robson Soares says:

    The Weeknd – Starboy feat. Ha Ha Ha

  20. TheGodSlayer YT says:

    I’m tryna put you in the worst mood ah p1 cleaner than your church shoes none of these toys unleashed ah all red lamb just to tease you ah I’m a mother fuckin Starboy tried to type song failed got mixed up

  21. Zayden Pg3d says:

    Bruh please put this on SoundCloud cmon bro

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