1. Rebecca Buckler says:

    Bring this series back please!!!!!

  2. Shrimpy says:

    "Die Fahne Hoch" by Horst Wessel. Glorious.

  3. Khalil_ Chan says:

    I love you rebecca 😍😍😍

  4. Zombie Hunter says:

    Rebecca you are so beautiful and you inspire me to wright music

  5. Monica Schmitz says:

    You're so stunning <3

  6. Tony Washere says:

    I love your craziness 😍

  7. Crzy Wisfy 04 says:

    Friday friday gonna get down on friday😂

  8. Lord Voldemort says:

    friday changes my mood

  9. Mariëtta T. says:

    loved the songs so muchh

  10. Autumn. Stars says:

    Bts is the only thing that changed my life

  11. cheetha says:


  12. that rlly butters my egg roll says:

    A song that I love is Diamond Heart by Lady Gaga on her new album Joanne, it is empowering and good and has a deep backstory and it is super catchy

  13. shravani zade says:

    I have the same speaker as her!!!!

  14. ajaraeee says:

    what speaker do you have

  15. Davina Moon says:

    This was posted on my birthday

  16. Udipta Das says:

    OMG! You look so similar to one of my friend!

  17. GBPforthewin says:

    Touch the sky is a sample of 'move on up'

  18. McKinley Darling says:

    okay tbh this isnt necessarily my go to style of music but at the same time I like so many different genres of music that I still love watching these lol

  19. Riyan Shaikh says:

    try listening to Arijit Singh songs from Bollywood if u know lil hindi…
    that vll too motivate u alot.. LOL!!!

  20. Dana Bonner says:

    Is no one gonna talk about the foundation line on her neck lol

  21. EduJereRD says:

    fuck you rebeca

  22. Skylar Andersen says:

    You take way to long to talk! GET TO THE POINT! Ahh so annoying

  23. Alyssa jones says:

    you would suit platinum hair so badd

  24. dylan m says:

    You would love the album Blue Neighborhood by Troye Sivan. Just watch the Blue Neighborhood Trilogy it's amazing.

  25. ded memes says:

    Friday is good on the treadmill because you'll wanna run far away when you hear it

  26. RyuHyunHee says:

    My favorite song right now is Me Like Yuh by Jay Park (He's korean but this song is fully in English)

  27. e l l e says:

    you must listen to black music

  28. Haste says:

    Eh not sure how rap will change my life, I'll stick with anime ops thank you very much

  29. Virginia Vilkelyte says:

    Do more of these!!!

  30. TheAstronomyFloyd says:

    Lot of shit

  31. jordan says:


  32. sabrina says:

    ghostboy by robotaki is sooo gooiii

  33. Karelin Beltre says:

    her lips look like kylie jenner ahahhaha

  34. Alex says:

    Silly white chick listening to black music oh my just dont

  35. Sierra Clementine Brooks says:

    False Alarm is the only good song on this list

  36. Mercy Dacosta says:

    slayyyy meee

  37. imaginerevisited says:


  38. P wie Pepe says:

    When your whole life is a Party, even when there is non. Crazy.

  39. Kate Lynch says:

    Definitely a list of songs to work out to, not so much to change your life ahah 😜

  40. Alishia Ostberg says:

    Issues by Julia Michaels

  41. raegan says:

    Rebeeca. You are BEAUTIFUL. and these songs are a YES!

  42. LyricalMasterMind1 says:

    Damn! she grew up and got hot

  43. Daryl Grant says:

    Hey Rebecca. Thanks for making these videos, they're really enjoyable!
    As a recommendation, I'd suggest 'Weak' by AJR. They're one of my favourite musical groups and that song in particular goes with your love of good beat drops 😉

  44. xenomerde says:

    we had everything by broods!

  45. Jess Saylor says:

    all these songs are sooo good i already own them all😂😂❤️❤️

  46. Justme Yram says:

    Listen to Fly away NCS remix and Forbiden voices by Martin Garrix. JUST GO DO IT AND THANK ME LATER….

  47. Justme Yram says:

    Do the 20 songs tag!! Please

  48. Sofia Herrera says:

    how old is she just wondering

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