This Move Leaves Emmanuel Absolutely Speechless | Next Big Dance Move: Season 2 | MTV

(Beep) – Doe ray fee la so lo. – Doe ray fee la so la? – That’s not even the real technique. – Excuse me acting class. – Thank you. – [Darren] Welcome to Next Big Dance Move. I’m Darren “Big Baby” Brand. – I’m Dana Alexa. – And I am, of course, their
favorite judge of all time Emmanuel Hudson. – But not confirmed. – [Dana] Every episode three contestants come out
and show us their stuff. – She nasty, contestant number one come and show Dana your stuff. – [Darren] What’s happening? Do you got some more buttons? (Laughing) – [Dana] You don’t need buttons, you fine. – [Darren] Tell us about yourself. – I’m Sonny Ortiz, I’m
from the Virgin Islands, currently live in New York. – What’s the name of the
dance your going to be doing? – Catch it. – Catch it. – [Sonny] Catch it. – Okay.
– How’d you come up with it? – Something that I actually came up with when I was in church. – I do love the Lord. – It’s a particular movement in which, you wanna draw positivity
towards yourself. Or it can be a negative way and be like uh nope, dodge that, uh nope. – Okay. – So let’s see it with the beat. – [Sonny] Okay.
– Drop the beat. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Double up whoa. That’s the beginning of a shout. – Where’s the mean one,
where you don’t want it? Get away. – Ooh!
(laughing) – We can use that on him later. – What?
(laughing) Do it now, do it now. – [Darren] Ah yo! – I like it, it’s growing on me. – The disrespect me, you like it huh. (laughing) – [Darren] I enjoyed it,
I mean it had a nice, it was simple but yet catchy. – The catch it, is that
what you trying to do there? – Stop looking for a pun. – Thank you. – [Darren] I appreciate that. – Hey what are we doing? (laughing)
Um contestant. – Number two come out! Contestant number two come out! (upbeat music) – [Dana] Oh wow. – [Emmanuel] That is so awkward when they just come out here and pose. – [Dana] Hey.
– Hey. – [Dana] How are you, welcome. – Thank you – Tell us about yourself – Um, my name is Josh Shazaker,
I live in New York City. I am 25 years old. This move came to me, I was in Brooklyn, I was celebrating a friends 30 birthday and a woman dead ass bit me. – Its not like she kind
of bit him, she bit him. – She dead ass bit his ass! – What do you do? – I mostly work in theater. – Fellow thespian how are ya? (laughing) I played Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls. It’s one of my favorite plays, yeah. That’s the lead role there. – [Josh] It is the lead role. – What’s the name of this dance? – The Back Track. – The Back Track? – Cause if you get into a
situation, like being bit, you can just back track. – [Darren] Okay. – I would like to see the move
now that I am intrigued that you are a fellow thespian. – Hit me!
– Back track to the track. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – He’s gonna fall. – No it just looks like he gonna fall, that’s the beauty of the move. Is he gonna fall? No.
See? – Then he went into a
forward kick, soccer kick. I’ve seen that in the US World Cup. – You gotta throw a jig in there sometime. It’ like you can kick em
and then you back it up. – [Darren] Its like a cross
over dribble on the field, back kick, see I’ve seen that. – [Dana] I seen it too. – [Emmanuel] And scene! (laughing) I’ve seen enough, thank you. – [Darren] Appreciate you
coming out man, thank you. – Thank you. – Sorry about him, nobody
likes him, it’s not just you. (laughing) – I’m the world, I’m going to prepare you. – [Dana] I’m the world? – [Darren] Ya’ll ready
to keep this thing going? – Darren just do what you do,
I’m not fixin’ to fall for it. – Contestant number three you up! – [Dana] Aww he’s cute. – That’s a grown man, what’s up bruh? – What’s up guys? – You think them pants come in my size? – Nothing comes in your size. – [Dana] What’s your name? – My name’s Ahmad. – Ahmad, such a strong brother name. – And where are you from? – I’m from born and raised
in Toshakowashi Tokyo Japan. So the name of my dance
is called the Soul Plane and if you got your first class ticket maybe you going to economy,
you feeling yourself. You feeling real good. – Wait so you going to economy, or you got a first class ticket? – You go to first class honey. – Screw economy.
– [Ahmad] Screw economy. – But its for the economy,
the dance is for the economy. – Yeah.
– Got it. – You get it. – But it has a first class feel. – Yes you gotta feel elevated. – Take me higher, hit
the beat lets see it. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) I got a pass for it, and you don’t. I aint checked no bags. – [Dana] No, it’s like this. – [Emmanuel] Champagne.
– Is this my row? Oh, here’s my row, I’m
in a window seat, yep. – [Darren] Excuse me. Seat 1D that’s me. Move uh uh yeah! Now can you do it like
you carrying two bags? – [Dana] Can I have my complimentary– – [Darren] Okay, now I feel it! ‘Cause I carry duffels. See I’m here to represent for everybody who’s a little heavy. We wanna make sure we can move
light on our feet as well. – That aint no first class dance. – Flexibility! All right y’all lets deliberate. – Why do you keep doing that? (laughing) – I don’t know. – ‘Cause he’s trying to say delicious. – Shut up man, that’s
why nobody likes you. – [Dana] Contestant
number one, the Catch It. – [Darren] The Catch It.
– [Emmanuel] The Catch It. – [Dana] So what are your
thoughts on the Catch It? – Praise dance hallelujah. He’s definitely praise dancing, I see that in church all the time. Its going viral in the church. – In the church community? – Only in the church. – [Darren] Contestant number two, what did you think about him? [Dana] The Back Track. I don’t see how that was a response to being bitten in the neck. – I’m positive he has good balance. – He does. – Negative I couldn’t catch on to no beat, no 1, 2, 3 nothing. – Aint nobody doing that. – [Dana] All right
contestant number three. – [Darren] The soul plan
I enjoyed the dance, now here’s my thing, you
see, if we are on a plane, most planes, you don’t
have that kind of room. (laughing) – You don’t have that kind of room. – You usually don’t come at me like that, we have a great relationship. Your beef is with him. – I told you keep your grass cut Darren. You trust snakes to much, she’s a snake. – So you telling me I’m
too big for a plane. You telling me I gotta ask
for the extra seat belt. – True, I can see that. – And do not, and does not,
and does not, thank you. – We’ve made our decision. – Did we decide?
– Yeah. By default. – It was a tough episode for me but– – Its not tough. – Its not? – We know who the winner, it’s not. (laughing) – [Darren] Well lets bring ’em back out. Come on out guys! (applause) (laughing) Enjoyed your dances, it was great. Enjoyed all of ’em right? Give it up for ’em one more time. Just me cool. – I enjoyed your dances. – We’re going with… …contestant number three.
– Soul Plane. – [Darren] Number three.
– [Dana] Thank you. (applause) – Drop the beat lets do it,
lets do it, let’s hurry. Hey hey fake drop, fake drop. – You gotta go back, you gotta go back. – Look at us, they was in sync. – Lets make an aisle for us, and then show him that you can fit. – 5, 6, 7 lets swirl. – Try again.
– Hey! (cheering)

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