Tiffany Young – Born Again (Official Music Video)

Comin’ in the this world fully naked Feeling brand new, say I’m your baby Never felt this safe In a foreign place I used to feel so hollow, shallow, vacant When you’re around you’re closing all these spaces All the sins we made Finally erased So bad it should be forbidden So good, so deep, I feel it Your love is like a higher power I’m born, I’m born, I’m born again again ‘Cause every time you love me harder I’m born, I’m born, I’m born again again Roses for the dead and I want danger Feeling so alive because I crave you Passion, pleasure, pain It all feels the same Hotter than the sun, no need to save me Got me on my knees so come and pray with me Flooding like the rain For like forty days So bad it should be forbidden So good, so deep, I feel it I’m reborn Your love is like a higher power I’m born, I’m born, I’m born again again ‘Cause every time you love me harder I’m born, I’m born, I’m born again again I’m born, I’m born, I’m born, I’m born I’m born again again I’m born, I’m born, I’m born, I’m born I’m born again again Never, never leave I finally believe ‘Cause I call you my baby Your love is like a higher power I’m born, I’m born, I’m born again again ‘Cause every time you love me harder I’m born, I’m born, I’m born again again Every time, every time that I come I feel awakened When you dive in the tides of the ocean I feel heaven It’s like the first time, first time when you loved me naked I’m born, I’m born, I’m born again again

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  1. kpop fan says:

    this song literally makes me wanna cry 😭 and i don’t know why. anyone agree with me?

  2. LucasCink says:


  3. I have been SEOKED. says:

    This is probably the only song in English I would listen to, like-

  4. Haintso Rakouth says:

    Loved her since Sister's Slam Dunk, I loved her personality. Still bummed out they let her go from season 1. This song is def my fave by her! love the lyrics and the video is just so beautiful!♥

  5. Edson Cadiente says:


  6. Agent47 says:

    Your my idol I love you your song relaxed me on a spiritual level be strong

  7. peter smith says:

    I like here concept taken wow another side of Tiffany
    Real talent just came out naturally rather than being restricted mostly all her hardwork pays off
    ❤️ Keep it upr girl

  8. Aya Sallam says:

    The first time I listened to this song I legit cried. I was falling real bad for a guy (currently my fiancé) and I couldn't believe there is a song that could capture how I feel so perfectly .
    Thank you Tiffany :')❤️

  9. Mic Drop says:


  10. Isabella Espana says:

    literal art

  11. Isabella Espana says:

    slowmo the whole vid woulda hit different. but still. literal art 👏🏼

  12. Tim Lee says:

    Seems like this song bas ties to her Christian beliefs

  13. R says:

    please be the asian pop star that saves us

  14. Saeeda Aden says:

    On a tiffany marathon here 🙋🏾‍♀️

  15. Kharis SM says:

    fallin' love with the ending part

  16. - angel says:

    At first when I heard this on spotify I thought this song was about losing interest
    I thought she said Im bored again
    Guess not sksks

  17. Jane San says:

    I thought her last was Hwang. Why is it Young??
    Please explain guys cuz I’m confused

  18. Amanda Ajah says:

    Kak tiffany 서녀

  19. PetraGreene says:


  20. DanTUtilizer says:

    She looks like an angel 🙂

  21. Josh R says:

    Still my favourite Tiffany song!

  22. Oriana Yazmin says:


  23. Cami Suarez AMARILLO says:


  24. Nhi Lâm says:


  25. stella o says:

    Where did she come from! She’s so talented 😱💕love you!

  26. pink says:

    You’re special to me💘💘

  27. Dwight Hamner says:

    Just coming to this song. Such artistry, you have to love her.

  28. ティマファ says:

    Bye bye blonde fany …

  29. hopexworld says:

    “wHeReS mY hAIr”

    im so sorry but i had to quote Ten on this- i mean, seriously my wig is g o n e 🤧 her voice is so amazing, and her lyrics are really good.

    also anyone else here from her 18 step beauty routine??? 👀

    stan! talent! stan! Tiffany!

  30. 한글행복해요 says:


  31. hyun aya says:

    I actually didn't like this song when i first heard it but now i love it
    This happens to me after listening to sooo many girls generation songs too

  32. Jonathan Alcenio da Silva Toneli says:

    Tiffany is a perfect woman! i love you and your talent in music!

  33. gaude salinas says:

    Hermosa 😍🖤

  34. ティマファ says:

    Enjoyed this era .. from Born again till 🧲 moon 🌙

  35. 가을박 says:

    It's been 8 months since this video was released and I cried when I heard this song in Guess Store yesterday. I am so proud of you my queennnn

  36. bí mật says:

    Tiffany Fighting!!!

  37. ONCE FOREVER says:


  38. Paul Saroza says:

    Thanks for this song that makes me reborn, thanks Tiffany 🙏❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😢😭

  39. Thuc Ng says:

    She works hard and releases music constantly

  40. bí mật says:

    Fany ah❤

  41. Kpopluvr94 says:


  42. Ilson Silva says:

    Linda e glamurosa nesse M/V..

  43. Hoang Duyen says:

    I love this song

  44. Hoang Duyen says:

    So great

  45. pariya hatami says:

    I LOVE YOU Tiffany

  46. Lorraine C says:

    This song is actually my favorite❤️

  47. Poro ro says:

    Im inlove😍

  48. Poro ro says:

    I wish she can maybe perform on america shows to be known more

  49. Mari Santi says:

    Essa voz💕

  50. hoeuxluni says:

    Beautiful 😍

  51. Chiminie Pabo has hella Jams in his Bag says:

    When she says I'm born it sounds like Amor

  52. J Vega says:

    Beautiful dress, song, voice, heart, message, etc

  53. Orbita de Loona says:


  54. 윤아ᄋ says:

    파니야 사랑해💕

  55. 이지은짱 says:

    진짜 존경해요 언니💕💕💕💕

  56. TyTrack says:

    Cant believe this song was played in airplane I took 2 months ago 💓

  57. palpasa Tandukar says:

    Omg is she tiffany from girls generation

  58. Youana Vlogs says:

    O; niceee

  59. Elizabeth Tep says:

    Why does this whole video feel like a perfume commercial? 😂 Nevertheless, this is still absolutely breathtaking!



  61. 이준영 says:

    이 노래 너무 좋아 ..
    가끔 생각지도 않게 떠올라.

  62. Yvette Matillano says:

    Guys just wait… Her time will come too. I believe!

  63. Brad Wolf says:

    Renaissance. – Eugene Kwok

  64. Nannaphat Yutthanarong says:


  65. İmposible - says:

    2020 ?!!!

  66. Shaira Neftuph says:

    Tiffany you are so perfect! What a beautiful video!

  67. Shargrailar says:

    Every time I hear this song I am born again.

  68. KINGDOM of AU says:

    i love how versatile fany can adjust her voice to suit the genre, plus she gives me different vibes of similar queens of US pop


  69. lil bunny says:

    A literal queen❤

  70. drop dead says:

    Aesthetics + vocals + song itself= too much perfection

  71. jay m says:

    I mean like every song is on another level

  72. 요비이 says:

    티파니 뮤비를 참 잘 만듬… 볼때마다 다 감탄밖에 안나옴

  73. Büşra GÜVEN says:


  74. chubs brubs says:


  75. shawol friend says:

    do i hear miley cyrus's voice towards the end?

  76. 조꿀벌 says:


  77. f a t i m a d i a l l o says:

    This song gives me chills!! I'm really in love with all her music!! Her music is always so powerful and it really speaks to me!!! I have just found her and I already have a feeling that she will be one of my greatest inspirations!! ❤

  78. Gemini Dreamer says:

    I love Tiffany's new style in singing. The only issue I have with it is I can't understand some lyrics as she sings them. Wish she'd enunciate more.

  79. Ngọc Ngọc says:

    Xuất bản 25 thg 1, 2019

  80. You Have A Message : Spirit Mediums says:

    Tiffany showing up English music while singing in English lol. Love it.

  81. 토뀡 says:

    우리 언니 진짜 아티스트 됐구나💕💕

  82. hwangchanchan 90 says:


  83. 한글행복해요 says:

    Tiffany looks like a living doll ♡

  84. Mimi Aziz says:

    u good i love u. like all ur's cd .

  85. Ruby Da says:

    Love this song💘

  86. Exo lover says:

    Omg…all i can say is…I can't stop listening this..I just can't..I love this so much💖

  87. mochi says:

    y’all sleeping on tiffany young but you’re not ready for that conversation

  88. Ruel Tobias says:

    I love her

  89. Sel22 says:

    Omgggg why didn’t I came earlier she is so talented 😭😍😍😍😍😍

  90. Nguyễn Hữu Chiến says:

    Bài này hay mà nhỉ

  91. daphine Barnedo says:

    hello my idol tiffany young, my sister told me that you will have a concert next year for the magnetic moon tour, I was really shocked, we both love and support you, see yah my queen. stay strong and feels born again!!! xoxo love from philippines

  92. cera hyung says:

    Finally ….she is chasing her dream ❤👑

  93. Kristen Kurosaki says:

    Every time every time that I cum I feel awakened, when you dive in the tides of my ocean I feel heaven. It’s like the first time first time when you loved me naked. I’m born I’m born I’m born again again.

  94. Mitch Joseph says:

    Love this

  95. Jose Santos says:

    I remember her from Girls Generation i used to listen to alot of Kpop music since 2010 all through 2016 I'm from Florida USA but i luv all kinds of music from so many different countries i really luv Tiffinys voice and her song's so great🐺

  96. Filip says:

    Tiffany you are a goddess 🙂

  97. Mitch Joseph says:

    Love her so much

  98. Krystal Sulli says:

    I love this song so much 😍

  99. Cool Hot Sweet Love says:

    She is so underrated she deserve more attention

  100. Muhammad Asif says:

    The middle class is born again and again with every pay cheque.

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