Top 10 Electronic Dance Music of the 2000s

♪ Music ♪ ♪ Music Legitness♪ ♪ Can I dance to this?♪ ♪ Just boppin’ my head here.♪ ♪ Numa numa iei♪ ♪ Really cool, man.♪ ♪ Sounds like some depressing dance. ♪ ♪ Don’t know why, but getting some “Shooting Stars” vibes here.♪ ♪ La la la la la. (TBH don’t know this song.)♪ ♪ It’s all starting to sound the same to me now… ♪ ♪ Still dancin’.♪ Subscribe to this channel! yeet! I am talking in Portuguese boiis and you can’t hear me! lol!

100 Replies to “Top 10 Electronic Dance Music of the 2000s”

  1. Kasym Kasym says:


  2. Thanos Kill says:


  3. PR Studios says:

    now this is epic!

  4. Łukasz Kijak says:

    Omg I'm so old…

  5. Ahgzz says:

    Name of the first song??

  6. Name Surname says:

    Digi d'agostino lool

  7. dannypeck666 says:

    at some point i was expecting that air powered keyboard to start playing itself….

  8. cgchypnosis says:

    The closed captions lol

  9. Brandon Smith says:

    How does he make they keys go down by there self

  10. Diego Brayan says:

    Top de mais parabéns

  11. C Manley says:

    The Bloodhound Gang sings Discovery Channel, not Eiffel 65😂

  12. Emiliano Borroni says:

    This video is incredibly powerful, you have a piano playing by itself next to a guy in a suit playing whatever that thing is next to a bench with candles and a consolle

  13. Edaj.a says:

    Yesss dragostea din tei

  14. david o sullivan says:

    What was the song at the start??

  15. asian mipa says:

    The first time i heard you speak. But it's not in English, actually a shocker but i still watch your videos.

  16. God says:

    is it possible to learn this power?

  17. God says:



  18. Brandon says:

    How does that piano works? I keep wondering how it magically plays

  19. Szymon Nowakowski says:

    Where is trebles

  20. black pandaa says:

    3:40 nigga

  21. GalacticSparrow says:

    Eiffel 65 song is called "Blue". Discovery channel song uses similar melody but is by The Bloodhound Gang and called "The bad Touch"

  22. ALAN PUKE says:

    D-devils ❤

  23. ALAN PUKE says:

    Todas as músicas da coletânea Planet Pop 2000 hauha

  24. Nicholas Gonzalez says:

    3:40 Ni🅱️🅱️a

  25. Matthew Wood says:

    F*cking beautiful!

  26. Aarstyn Vlogs' Dad says:

    Beware of the eavesdropping fidget spinner, sir!

  27. Brian Manuel Guzman Medina says:

    Qué pedo con el piano es mágico o es un fallo de la matrix?

  28. whosaidthat84 says:

    What's the name of the first song he plays?

  29. Xendrius says:

    What's the name of the invisible demon that plays the piano?

  30. Xendrius says:

    Putin trained him well.

  31. Darion Davis says:

    Dudes got melodica skills

  32. Lord Rork says:

    This is like a nightmare version of one of those adverts you see on TV:
    "This 5 CD set contains 100 covers of your favourite dance track of the 2000s! Call now to avoid disappointment!"

  33. Paul Bilyk says:


  34. systemfat16 says:

    Как пианино само играет?

  35. Nono Lerobothéro says:

    WTF ?!?! « Dance electronic music of the 2000’s »………WHERE IS DAFT FUCKING PUNK ??

  36. OSST1N says:

    Трек-лист плиз

  37. Javi moreno says:

    soy dj desde los 90, y este top no me concuerda como un top de la decada de 2000. añguno sobra otros faltan

  38. Hunter Gamer Drone says:

    Stereo love by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina??

  39. Blyskawica1 says:

    Pure KLF

  40. becomepostal says:


  41. Jack de Witt says:

    That piano is possessed

  42. THE KING FOREVER says:

    me encanto

  43. Eder Moreira says:

    Grenada ❤🙌 Saudade danada dos 2000

  44. damofoluis says:

    Where’s Pon de Floor?? 69/100

  45. Pedro Chiaretto says:

    É isso mesmo vinheteiro!

  46. The Electric Gas Station says:


  47. PKownzu says:

    I stopped for a moment and really thought that The Bad Touch was actually just an Eiffel 65 sample…

  48. Patrick Brown says:

    Youtube needs a double like button

  49. Marwan Fattahi says:

    Who else wants full version of all these songs ?

  50. Robert Becker says:

    Die Melodica rockt 😂

  51. Samuel Freitas says:

    Como tem pessoas que dão deslikes nesse vídeo? Só podem tá de brincadeira.!

  52. Lady of the Lake says:

    You are so musically goofy!! 😅

  53. mtsurov says:

    I feel like I'm gonna go to the club in my bedazzled jeans and dragon shirt and NOT get laid, … again.

  54. Anderson Marcelo says:

    Dá uma tristeza ver que tem poucos brasileiros nos comentários

  55. Richard Becker says:

    No call on me by eric prydes?

  56. Kiddy says:

    pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone pepeD better off alone

  57. alex teux says:

    Хахахаха круто!!!!!

  58. JAY KANUCK says:


  59. SuperHomer1987 says:

    Whats the name of the first song ?

  60. GoSleep33RUS says:

    Какие дятлы дизы ставят? Это было великолепно!

  61. YuraGorilla33 says:

    Discovery Channel – It is Bloodhound Gang’s song The Bad Touch.

  62. casey Turner says:

    Every body gangster till jah starts playing the piano

  63. nman4k says:

    What song is the first one?

  64. edson ariel says:

    Monster of music

  65. Сергей Кравцов says:

    У него пианино само все это время играло.

  66. Сергей Кравцов says:

    Go top 10 frenchcore tracks

  67. Mochila says:

    Im BLUE?

  68. bzdtemp says:

    Fortunately I missed of those in the 2000s. Not that the genre was much better in the 90s.

  69. Tellor Command Official says:

    It's DDJ-400?

  70. Aíra Zada says:


  71. mary L espinoza says:

    Carajo este hombre si toca instrumentos .Es multifacetico I love him!!!

  72. Lisetc soho says:

    без руки вверх не зачет)

  73. Adriano Japan says:

    cliquei pra ver vídeo de 4 minutos, fiquei preso meia hora numa sessåo nostalgia pelo Youtube

  74. Adriano Japan says:

    2:28 achei que fosse trilha sonora de Top Gear do snes

  75. Radio Żelaza says:

    it was not Eiffel 65 but Bloodhound Gang – Bad Touch

  76. Radio Żelaza says:

    where's Hammer Of The Right or Physical Removal Song? those are instant classics

  77. Tom Luca says:

    Love Your channel 😊🤘

  78. TheLaloGAMER says:

    This music pure


    8# Cascada – Everytime We Touch , kalo ente orang Indonesia, pasti tau itu mirip lagu apa.

  80. Arnon Hiluey says:

    **A little rectification: the fourth song is "Latino – Festa no Apê".

  81. Олег Константинович says:


  82. Jose Mourinho says:

    This is shite , could’ve layered it up , sounds like 2nd grade talent show

  83. #MAN MVs says:

    What's the first song called? Don't say Darude Sandstorm 😂

  84. Daegon says:

    #7, I thought that was The Bloodhound Gang…

  85. Mrt Louis says:

    Darude Sandtorm

  86. Fraise Kers says:


  87. Matheus Merino Dias says:


  88. Pan Stepan says:

    Куплинов молодец,так держать

  89. nons823 says:

    Sou DJ e coloquei esse vídeo pra tocar numa balada. Ninguém percebeu, dançaram como se estivessem drogados.

  90. David López says:

    Whats the name of the first Song???

  91. Jackal 990 says:

    2:57 like Ultraman tiga opening

  92. Manuel Sambataro says:

    Sorry but you write "Digi D'Agostino" on the 2# Song 😂👍, but is ok😊

  93. KAKA says:

    Muito bom!

  94. Тимофей Колпакчи says:

    Сильно. Теперь и я так хочу. Танцевальная музыка это класс.

  95. ES PO says:

    Porcoddio it’s Gigi D’Agostino not digi

  96. Gabriel Fair says:

    What type of piano is that?

  97. Ng a says:

    Bah, tocou só as músicas da minha juventude. Tu é fera lorde. Quero te ouvir pessoalmente um dia.

  98. Richard Benoit says:

    Quality video, thanks!

  99. Raafik Adhi Darmawan says:

    Playing the tini piano is harder than playing the big piano, he's always looking to the mini piano

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