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Top 10 Last Airplane Blackbox Recordings

Hey Youtube, Jim Here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! After a plane crash, perhaps the only thing
more shocking than the debris and pieces left, is the black box recording. It’s kind of like 911 calls except for one
tiny detail, these people generally have no hope left. Because of the nature of this video, viewer
discretion is advised, and our list is in no specific order of importance and our hearts
go out to those who were impacted by these disasters. Here are 10 last airplane blackbox recordings. But before we get started, why not become
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chill! 10. Western Airlines Flight 2605
This flight, also known as the “Night Owl” was going from LA to Mexico City on Halloween,
1979. The crash that followed is the third deadliest
aviation accident on Mexican soil. It happened just months after another famous
plane crash, the American Airlines Flight 191, so after this, trust in this form of
transportation was probably quite low. To add, just a month later, Air New Zealand
Flight 901 crashed in Antartica. The black box recording for the crash is so
sad that, well, I’ll let you hear for yourself.To think that all of this happened
just because there was a confusion about which runway to land on. Of the 88 people on board, 72 were killed
in the crash. 9. Adam Air Flight 574
This flight was a regular domestic route between Surabaya and Manado in Indonesia. On New Year’s Day in 2007, about 100 people
died after it crashed. It appears the pilots were having issues troubleshooting
the inertial navigation system and unknowingly disconnected the autopilot. Thanks to the black box, we can now listen
to those last moments and learn from it.As a result of this crash, and thanks to other
flights crashing, Indonesian Aviation safety ratings have gone down and at one point their
airlines were banned from Europe altogether. It’s no wonder the airline went bankrupt. 8. Tu-154
It was April 10th, 2010, and a Polish Air Force plane was flying above Russia when it
crashed near Smolensk, killing everyone on board. It was no regular flight either, the President
of Poland and his wife were both on board, as was the former president, the Chief of
the Polish General Staff, The President of the National Bank of Poland, 18 members of
Parliament, senior members of the clergy, relatives of the victims from a recent massacre,
and a few military officers and officials. If you needed a recipe for a devastating loss,
this one would actually be too much. I mean, just listenThe plane
crashed while attempting to land in thick fog. Since there were so many important people
on board, several conspiracy theories arose, but nothing has been confirmed. 7. Air Florida Flight 90
Any audio that includes the words “We’re going down” is bound to break your heart. Especially when “down” means into a bridge
on the Potomac River. This flight was supposed to go from DC to
Ft Lauderdale, stopping in Tampa. However, on this January day in 1982, they
weren’t going to get far at all. Just miles from the white house, the plane
crashed into the 14th St Bridge. On the way down it hit several vehicles and
by the time the crash was done, dozens had died. Listen as the pilots realized the fate that
awaited them.After studies were done, it was
determined that the pilots had failed to switch on ice protection systems on the engines. They made some bad decisions, but they certainly
didn’t deserve to die. 6. Delta Airlines Flight 191 Lockheed L-1011-1
Tri Star This Delta Airlines flight on August 2nd,
1985, was scheduled to land in LA after taking off from Ft. Lauderdale. However, if they’re on this list, it clearly
didn’t happen. The plane struck down over a mile before the
runway, hitting a car and two water tanks. In the process, 137 people died and 28 were
injured. This, as we’ve seen with others, was also
pilot error, as the crew decided to fly through a thunderstorm and encountered a microburst
of rain. Listen to their surprise as a normal approach
to a runway turns deadly. 5. United Airlines Flight 93
Our first and only hijacking on this list. This plane, unlike the others, did not go
down due to pilot error, but instead forced down by Al-Qaeda terrorists, in which many
civilians ended up dying from that day. It was flying on September 11, 2001, from
Newark to San Francisco, and was part of the group of flights hijacked. The plane crashed in Pennsylvania and killed
all 44 people on board. The flight was interrupted 46 minutes after
takeoff and they turned the plane around back to the East Coast. Later, other instigators of the attack claimed
the target was the Capitol Building, however, several passengers fought the hijackers and
the struggle led to the plane crashing into a field.a temporary memorial stands near
the crash site today. 4. Flying Tiger Line Flight 66
On February 19th, 1989, this Boeing 747, which was scheduled for an international cargo flight,
crashed into the side of a hill some 6 miles away from its final approach. The plane was 10 years old at the time and
saw 9,000 flight cycles and 34,000 airframe hours. Although, maintenance nor mechanical failure
had anything to do with the plane going down and killing the 4 crew members. Instead, gross negligence from both the First
Officer, who claimed he didn’t have the approach plate in front of him, and the Second Officer,
who was 70 years old and needed a magnifying glass to read anything, is what doomed this
flight from the start. The last words ever recorded from the officers
was: “Oh, I’ve got a hundred feet on the – shit!” 3. Delta Air Lines Flight 1141
Delta Air Lines Flight 1141 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight between Dallas/Fort
Worth, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah, that crash during takeoff on August 31, 1988, killing
14 of the 108 people on board and injuring 76 others. It was only 22 seconds from takeoff to ground
impact, which was caused by a number of issues, including pilot error and Delta Air Lines’
management no providing proper training. Medical examinations determined that all but
one of the 14 fatalities were due to smoke inhalation, while one passenger had successfully
exited the aircraft, but re-entered to assist his wife, who was trapped inside. From his severe burns, he died 11 days later
at the hospital. This is the last audio recording from that
crash. 2. Malaysia Airlines MH17
A flight to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam was shot down over Ukraine, killing everyone on
board on July 17th, 2014. After investigation, it was concluded that
the weapon responsible was a Pro-Russian separatist-sent missile. For this flight, the black box recording is
quite normal, dropping off after a normal “Goodnight Malaysian 3-7-0”, but a rather
dark recording was released of the conversation that went down after the rebels shot the plane
down and realized they’d made the mistake of killing a lot of civilians. The worst part is when they then blame them
for having flown in a “war zone”. 1. US Airways Flight 1549
This Airbus A320 took off from New York and in the ascension hit a flock of geese near
George Washington Bridge. This led to it losing its engine power and
the pilots made a decision to glide the plane into a ditch in the Hudson River. Here’s the audio we kept from that day which
describes the events with a conversation between the control tower and the pilots.Luckily this is one of the cases
that give us hope. First, because the pilots did exactly what
they were supposed to, and second because as a result of that, everybody lived! It actually went into history as the “Miracle
on the Hudson”, and the pilots and crew received medals for their heroic achievement,
and were depicted in the Clint Eastwood-directed movie “Sully”, starring Tom Hanks and Aaron

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