Top Five Guys Perform to “Drop” by Smokepurpp | Season 16 Ep. 10 | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

[sirens] (SINGING) I need–
I need some drop. I need some. I need some. I need a bird, brrrr,
color like Durk, huh? Feel like Lil Curry. I need a– brrrrr. Look at my sauce. Little bird. Damn. Hey, where the hey, where
the, hey, where the– I need some. I need some. I need some. I need some. I need some. I need some. I need some. I need a bird, brrrr. Brrrr Brrrr.

44 Replies to “Top Five Guys Perform to “Drop” by Smokepurpp | Season 16 Ep. 10 | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE”

  1. Izzy says:

    Gino killed that like he was eating breakfast. So versatile. I hope he wins

  2. Megan Kelly says:

    Gino’s part right at the end was FIRE

  3. Leslie Rodriguez says:

    Eddie looks like he is getting eaten alive by all the choreo he has been given. Awesome tap dancer but not versatile. Should not have been in the top ten, they should have waited until next year so he could get more training and gain more confidence in his movement. But I could be wrong, hope he adapts more to the intensity of the show. The rest of the guys were fire tho!

  4. N G says:

    Wow from the shoulder movement at the very start you can tell Gino is better than everyone else.and then 1:19. Such a starch contrast.

  5. Patriq James says:

    🤤😕😐😑 yells into a cave where is the pocket? Pocket? Pocket? DANCE show season with not enough cultural diversity, yet dance is culture. Where did hip-hop come from? Where did anything come from? Culture. Context… education is really the right way to honor these dance styles. It would have been reasonable if they were truer to the basic beginnings of hip-hop than this. They might as well have done African dance without any reason. Who knows they could've ATE it & I'd be saying something different.

  6. Baby Mario says:


  7. Séréna L says:

    Gino ❤️

  8. Dominique Jones says:

    I felt like the outfits are a bit tooooo much this season. Mostly were too distracting that the dance couldn’t be focused on

  9. Heather Lynde says:

    Bailey and Gino on FIRE

  10. Franz Geleca Carranza says:

    Go Bailey🇵🇭

  11. Olivia Li says:

    My favourite piece of the night! Just can't took my eyes off Gino and Benjamin they are so slayyyy!

  12. Kory Kent says:

    This outfit is ridiculous 😂😂😂 but cute dance ig. Gino killed it. Bailey better show tf out if he wants to claim the hip hop throne 😯

  13. Janiyah Nicole says:

    Gino’s taking this season. Hands down.

  14. DRJ DM says:

    Gino 🔥

  15. Groove promoteam says:

    Name of song please anyone ?

  16. lilbihxx says:

    1:20 ugh Gino just 🔥🔥

  17. lilbihxx says:

    Bailey, Gino and Benjamin absolutely killed it.

  18. Norwall says:

    Very awesome job. 💯

  19. Renee George says:

    Gino stood out the most to me in this. Then Benjamin and Bailey were good too.

  20. Lydia Dida says:

    I think that word of dance have killed so you think you can dance

  21. Zenaida Neduasa says:

    Munoz can definitely dance pretty good

  22. dancefan 05 says:

    Ezra and Bailey 👏👏

  23. Hasine Thorpe says:

    My fave dance number of season 16 2019 summer season PERIOD!

  24. Hasine Thorpe says:

    They kill nail it and kill it PERIOD!

  25. N S says:

    Benjamin is 🔥

  26. Kory Kent says:

    I just wanna sleep with Benjamin and Ezra tbh 😐

  27. Jacob McCain says:

    Gino did the bird right in the beginning I was done

  28. HungerGamesFan032312 says:

    I kept starring at Ezra oops. He's truly the underrated king of the season.

  29. Ar Ga says:

    Bailey looking like kid lol

  30. Norwall says:

    Cool channel

  31. Tosin Agbi says:

    Gino literally teaches hip hop classes. I expect nothing less but total awesomeness from him

  32. Tosin Agbi says:

    If he doesn't win. I'm gonna fight

  33. Jazzy's Exotic Cooking says:

    Gino killed this!!!! I couldn't keep my eyes off him wow! I had to put this one on repeat 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Jmellothagreat says:

    The choreo could’ve been more creative just my opinion 🤷🏽‍♀️

  35. anonymousamateurph says:

    Gino! <3

  36. Rebecca Dixon says:


  37. Maged Kamal says:

    Ezra + Gino = power house … my top 2 boys this season!

  38. Bru Ci says:


  39. marg says:

    HELP I can't stop hitting replay

  40. PrecociousSloth says:

    Kind of wish they didn’t pair the red lighting with their red costumes 😐

  41. Kendra LP says:

    Aaaaaayyye!!!! They killed it 😍🔥🔥

  42. mizzym101 says:

    Gino went in hard

  43. wren 22 says:

    this is the most effeminate hip hop routine I've ever seen

  44. immy armstrong says:

    Eddie has got to go.
    Gino literally killed that though. so good!

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