49 Replies to “Travis Scott – Butterfly Effect – Lyrics”

  1. Chilling In the dark says:

    Guess it was hard for Travis Scott to wrap with no Bad words

  2. Detective Gokes says:

    Everybody talking about no curse words, I'm just over here wondering if A-Z lyrics means they don't put numbers in the videos

  3. Gacha Shadow xxx says:

    For this life i cannot change 🙂

  4. Arnob Gazi says:

    I want to become a thug after hearing this music. It is the best. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  5. Ingrid Rivas says:

    showed this to my dick it turned into a v

  6. Icy juice says:


  7. Kimberly Hernandez says:

    fw it

  8. Dewitt McDidditt says:

    Burter on the meat so it's not nice

  9. Aaron Doyle says:

    99% comments about no cursing 1% about autotune

  10. John May says:

    Who still listen to this song in 2019

  11. Syste says:

    My dad just died to cancer, and we would sing this song together in his car. <3 love you dad

  12. Mr. Mango says:

    2015 anyone?

  13. Alina Adigun says:

    It's a good cause no bad words are in it it's a good and catchy song too

  14. Alana Hernandez says:

    ya know what I just noticed, the people that disliked this didn't even give an answer of why they hate it. Even if they did give their answer we don't need their feedback. who agrees?

  15. Avi Ganguly says:

    fackin fire

  16. Wizock says:

    this song is explosive in live holy crap

  17. Music Enthusiast says:

    this hits different drunk

  18. skyla sky says:

    Anyone 2019

  19. Logan Mesteller says:

    Love the “. yeah” “ yeah yeah “ @2.25

  20. Skullcker says:

    FUCK THIS LIFE A CAN NOT CHANGE, sry sounds better

  21. ALEX GOMEZ says:

    Listen to this shit on some Molly and then after that trip listen to it off one cid

  22. Alan Aguilera says:

    2017 nostalgia come on inn 😭😭

  23. candlesbyalexandria says:


  24. Brad Stevens says:

    Jump straight to the league*

  25. Brad Stevens says:

    Peep off in the main*

  26. Brenton Sanders says:

    2019 where y’all at?

  27. AviationVideographyBC says:

    Comments on this video:
    99.9% No swearing
    0.01% Good song

  28. XXXPUGZ says:

    This song is so clean I can play it in class all I want lol

  29. Ro _ says:

    Love this song

  30. LISA lisa says:


  31. Dio Fabuuulouss says:

    1:12 its « heatin up, baby im just heatin up, need ya love, not a need it is a must »

  32. Djamel Sabri says:


  33. MobileHome Offers says:

    This song is Awesome ❤️❤️

  34. Elijah terrell Wooten says:

    No bad words we can play this at church 👌🏾

  35. jannette Gonzalez says:

    This song has no bad words but it is lit

  36. Matej Cvetanovski says:


  37. Fitsum Yeshitila says:

    No bad words sooo perfect

  38. Olivia Why do you care says:

    2019 anyone???

  39. Jason Beezy says:

    Oh yeah this song fire. Busting bills kid

  40. Zoya Oren Iishee Campbell says:

    Oh my dear sweet Travis…

  41. John Navarro says:

    Collab with Matt OX?

  42. SopranoGoods says:

    Be Good be a FLY – Https://youtu.be/9EY_xlsSHnI

  43. jamard39701 says:

    My favorite Travis Scott song

  44. Taylor Burke says:

    Love travis

  45. Aida Zaki says:


  46. Michie Suicide says:

    This song is life sooo lit🔥🔥🔥 no cuss words 😲😱😍😍

  47. young gamez says:

    Who here in 2019??

  48. G01D3N S4W says:

    My ears are pleased with thy choice of lyrics

  49. Mojas Simunovic says:

    Sweet like Candy Cane

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