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Try NOT to Dance Challenge | FBE Staff Reacts

December 3, 2019 No Comments

– I just shimmied! NOOO!
– Did he shimmy already? – FINE! You’re gonna call me
on it? I’m gonna do it! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) All right, guys.
So, we’ve played Try Not to Sing. We’ve played Try Not to Move.
But today, we’re gonna be playing the first ever
Try Not to Dance. – Together?
– We’re not– we’re tempted to and we’re not supposed to dance?
– I’ll have to be bound. – Yeah.
– Like, straight jacket. – If it’s a bop, I don’t know
if I can contain myself. – Let’s hope these aren’t
all bops and bangers. – (FBE) Okay. The rules are
if you start dancing in any way, including snaps, foot taps,
shimmies, even in between videos, you’re gonna get a point.
And the person with the least amount of points overall
at the end wins the challenge. – It’s golf rules.
– Yeah. – This is gonna be really hard,
because she’s just a joy to be around.
– Aw! – (FBE) And for this challenge,
we’re gonna stand. – Oh, no. I don’t have pants on.
(chuckles) – Wow, this is starting out
like church. I’m already not gonna dance. ♪ (upbeat hip-hop music) ♪
– Aww, damn! – No, doesn’t do it for me.
– ♪ Diamonds up and down my chain ♪ – Ha-ha!
– Ahhh! I do like this song. Dammit!
– This Bruno Mars? – YES! Ahh!
– This is really hard, ’cause this song is so catchy.
– I’m not dancing. I’m putting my hands here.
– Mm-hmm. – Yeah, I just happened to put
my hands on my hips to the rhythm. – Mm-hmm.
– That was it. – You know, it does make me–
– Ayy. – Oh. Ethan lost.
– Ayyy! (buzzer)
– (sighs) Maybe. Maybe. I’m waiting for
Bruno Mars’ part, though. Maybe that will…
– ♪ We doin’ the finesse and gettin’ paid ♪
– (raps along) ♪Ow ♪ – ♪ Ooh, don’t we look good together ♪
– I know you want to be doing this right now.
– I’m not doing it. (buzzer)
– Oh, it’s hard. He’s dancing. I wanna dance! I wanna move.
– Ooh, Bruno slam. – Bruno Mars is the most
talented person of all time. – I have tingles of trying not to move.
– Yeah, yeah. – I just flat out blacked out
for a second. Did I win? – (laughs)
– I think I passed. – ♪ …shows me how ♪
– (both) NOOO! – (gasps)
– This is the literally about dancing.
– ♪ Oh, I wanna dance with somebody ♪
– Oh, I think I already danced. So, I’m doing it.
(buzzer) – ♪ Oh, I wanna dance ♪
– Ah, I just shimmied! NOOO! – Did he shimmy already?
(buzzer) – Oh, that’s a good one.
– Yeah. – Me and Stephen
play this all the time. – ♪ Yeah, I wanna dance
with somebody ♪ (buzzer)
– (both sing along) ♪ Oh, I wanna dance with somebody ♪ (buzzer) – I’m crying on the inside.
– I’m gonna break you on this one. – Yeah!
(buzzer) – Ooh, man.
– But just honor system, I think I actually am out.
If you watch in slow motion, I started doing this.
So, that counts, right? – Wow!
(buzzer) – (sings along) ♪ With somebody… ♪
– Yeah, Cara! (buzzer)
– I’m okay with this. I’m okay with losing this one.
– This is the song that you put on a party playlist six songs in
to get everyone on the dance floor. – I didn’t out him immediately.
– Yes. – So, I feel like I have negative one.
– Oh, no. – Oh my god!
– Oh, this won’t get me. (buzzer)
– See, I don’t even think I know this song.
– (raps along) ♪ Want y’all do, do this dance now ♪
♪ JuJu on that beat ♪ – I’m pushing– yeah. (chuckles)
– I think I’m looking at people having fun outside of my house.
– I’ve tried to learn this dance, and I can’t do it for some reason,
so forget it. – I do love the running man, though. – ♪ Running man on that beat ♪
– It’s okay. – Yeah, this is the easiest one
to resist by far. ♪ Do your dance ♪
♪ Do your dance, ay ♪ – Come on!
– Just do it! – ♪ You your daddy’s son ♪
– No. – I love it.
– It’s hard not to move when you see people moving.
– If you played Soulja Boy, I’m done. – I choreographed a dance
in college, and that was the one of the parts, and I had to teach
everyone JuJu on That Beat, so I got it down.
– I just feel old. – Yeah, exactly. – ♪ You can’t touch this ♪
– Oof. – This is really tough.
– Oh my god! I would love to move
to this, though. – Why? (groans)
It’s fine. It’s fine. – When he does the thing,
I’m gonna do it. – ♪ So hard ♪
♪ Makes me say ♪ – (raps along) ♪ Oh my lord ♪
♪ Thank you for blessing me ♪ (buzzer)
– (raps along) ♪ Oh my lord ♪ – (raps along) ♪ Thank you
for blessing me ♪ I’m doing it.
(raps along) ♪ Feels good when you know you’re down ♪
(buzzer) – (groans)
– I feel like the top of my feet are moving.
– I know. – Still don’t know the lyrics.
– You still don’t. I need those parachute pants.
– If you had shown the part in the video, where he did the…
– Oh, yeah. Yeah. – I’m out.
(buzzer) – It’s not my past training
that is helping or hurting me. It’s the fact that I love
dancing at parties. – (groans) I’m sorry, Mr. Hammer.
– ♪ Kiki, do you love me? ♪ – Oh, this is another one
where there’s already a dance and I know it!
– ♪ ‘Cause I want you and I need ya ♪
♪ And I’m down for you always ♪ – Nope.
Oh! (laughs) No, no.
(buzzer) – I know I do not know that dance.
– I’ve actually never seen this music video.
– This was just everything 2018. – What’s the dance?
– You know, the one where the arms go in a circle.
– Wait, no, I don’t know it. – (groans in relief)
– I feel like I wanna go out in the rain and hop out
of my car and start dancing. – I’m not dancing in solidarity
with the people who hear that song and decide not to jump out
of a car in drive, but to keep driving.
– The less we dance, the less dance moves of ours
are out in the world. – ♪ I don’t need your love ♪ – Oh, okay.
– Uh-oh. – ♪ ‘Cause I already cried enough ♪
♪ I’ve been… ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Done ♪
♪ I’ve been moving on ♪ – I don’t know if you’ll
get me on this one. – (sings along) ♪ And I let you off ♪
– I love her, but I don’t know how to dance to this.
– Do I even know this song? – I literally have no idea
what this song is. – I don’t think I even
know this song. – (sings along) ♪ You say
you’re sorry ♪ – (sings along) ♪ But it’s
too late now ♪ ♪ So, save it, get gone, shut up ♪
– Oh, he’s going for it. (buzzer)
– This is called jellyfish. – ♪ You say you’re sorry ♪
♪ But not right now ♪ (buzzer)
– I would like to learn this dance. – It’d be pretty cool, yeah.
– You wanna learn it later? – ♪ Well, boy,
I don’t give a [bleep] ♪ – Ooh.
– It has some pretty choice outfits. – Yeah.
– (sings along) ♪ On your knees ♪ – Oh, Ethan’s on a–
dancing on his own. – Fun fact: I have a tattoo
that basically says the lyrics. – (both laugh)
– In her lip. – It says “I don’t give
a [bleep] or [bleep].” ♪ (upbeat disco music) ♪
– Ha-ha, I can hold strong for this one, though. Maybe. (buzzer)
– I’m not the biggest disco fan, but apparently Cara is.
Damn. – Yeah, we gotta get
John Travolta and his paint bucket. (buzzer)
– Oh, I lost. I just did the…
– ♪ Well, you can… ♪ (buzzer) – (sings along) ♪ Tell by the way
I use my walk ♪ – (sings along) ♪ I’m a woman’s man ♪
♪ No ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Time to talk ♪ No! That was NOT a bop!
That was not a bop! Fine! FINE!
You’re gonna call me on it? I’m gonna do it.
(buzzer) – (snapping) I feel like
I’m in Airplane 2. – Ahh! Okay.
(laughs) I can’t. I can’t get into it like that!
(buzzer) – Put your whole coat on, man.
– ♪ Stayin’ alive ♪ – He’s dancing.
(buzzer) – It’s really hard
when she’s dancing not to dance. – Hopefully, you’re not zoomed in,
but I’m sweating. – (laughs)
– (sings along) ♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah♪ ♪ Stayin’ alive ♪
– I’m not doing it. – You’re not? You’re not dancing?
– (sighs) – Was that the last one?
– (FBE) Yeah! – Don’t challenge me
to a dance battle, ’cause I will beat you
at a dance battle. – (FBE) Lindsey, you won.
(ding) – Whatever.
– I feel very repressed right now, very footloose.
– (both chuckle) – I don’t know. I kind of
feel like a sourpuss right now. – Yeah. I went for it.
I really went for trying not to dance, and I don’t feel better
because of it. – I feel good.
– Do you feel like a winner? – I feel like a winner.
– ‘Cause I feel like a winner even though I am
a huge loser. That’s too high to put
my leg up on. – Thanks for watching us
try not to dance on the React Channel
– Subscribe! New shows every day! – Bye, guys.
– Hey, guys. Sabrina here, a React Channel producer.
Have you checked out FBE2 yet? Well, you should, ’cause we are more
than just behind-the-scenes. Get to know us.
And we go live every week. See you there.

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