[TUTO] Break Dance dans les cordes EPISODE 5 – Double Dutch Chorégraphie par Wens

Hi Stylers! How is it going ? Bon appétit if you are eating
Good night if you go to bed and you watch this tutorial just before sleeping We know you! Haha! Welcome to the tutorial, me is wens
@jeffropestylers You will see my little tutorial, we will
stand up and we’ll also mix soil You will watch, I will reproduce the
choreography and then we meet for the end of the video Part 1: 8 beats Part 2: 8 beats Exit 1st & 2nd part: 2×8 time Exit Part 4: At real speed exit Hello to all my Stylers! How is it going ? I hope you have successfully completed the little tutorial
since my choreography was a little more or less difficult The first thing: Subscribe please
please! Give us strength, subscribe and click on the notification bells
to receive notifications every time that we post a video on youtube And third thing: Comment, Likez, put
blue thumbs Thank you very much, it was Wens, Jeff, Ropestylers,
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