49 Replies to “UPSIDE DOWN ART CHALLENGE! – (Feat. ME hanging from my Ankles?!)”

  1. Manuel Sanchez says:

    I'm sorry i'm japanese is actully pronounced omene

  2. Sis Tube says:

    95% of comments: thats one talented 4 year old

    5%: other

  3. Mr.lazer 2 says:

    I think this is a reference to stranger things

  4. Marvel News says:

    You should paint a ceiling

  5. Marvel News says:

    You aren’t Bob Ross, Jazza. You don’t say that you make happy little trees 🌲or clouds ☁️

  6. Random Person The Internet says:

    I watched the video upside down

  7. Angharad Cat says:

    if I saw a four year old draw that I’d think they were a freaking prodigy

  8. Ainsley P.W says:

    Rabbit Peach looks like a gremlin lol

  9. Angel Chains says:

    Belly belly and up we go!

  10. Lelol fire says:


  11. Noseyfoil 555 says:

    Honestly if Jazza is expecting 4 year Olds to draw like that I pray for his son

  12. Little Mushroom Gacha says:

    20% of the comments are a four year old cant draw that good

  13. Alexis hi says:

    He is so good at everything

  14. luheah says:

    you should have accidentally drawn wario for the upside down mario

  15. Madelyn Ochoa says:

    I saw the second one and I was like 😮😂

  16. panic on Elm street says:

    Mario looks good i couldn't even do that right side up

  17. Larry Butz says:

    gotta beat the devil out of it

  18. sky Sky says:

    Isn’t this how Australians always draw?

  19. Itachi Uchiha says:

    3:35 music in the background?

  20. Memes And memes says:

    Jazza:I have no idea wat I’m doing
    Me:hold my paint brush

  21. Alyson Zuniga says:

    when u try to turn ur face upside down to see if hes doing it correctly…Oof 😐

  22. Sir Cluck says:

    His second painting is better than mine

  23. ThePro Leilei’s Vlog says:

    I have no idea what is the eye mean yes Or no????????

  24. Meg Magnanimous says:

    no, no Mr Squiggle reference – disappointed

  25. Meg Magnanimous says:

    watching for the Mr Squiggle reference

  26. Sydney Gest says:

    Oh my god I’m already getting a headache and I’m not even the one upside down jesus

  27. Arvi Pascual says:

    Still mindblown by the fact 'S' upside down is still 'S'

  28. JudenNibbas says:

    Mario doesn’t have a mouth

  29. Jordan Kosick says:

    turns around
    BeAT ThE DeViL OuT Of It

  30. Cats UwU says:

    lol the game comes out on my birthday

  31. Cryptic L says:

    in the thumbnail the s is one of the only letters that would be the same upside down. Awesome video though

  32. Ashleytheunicorn Fan! says:

    Umm the bottom..

  33. Rawan Alqaysi says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X9EOLGtMBI this video reminded me of the link. if you are concerned if it is porn or not, it not its meant for kids, so go ahead and enjoy

  34. DurpyFlabergazm says:

    RIP, Younge “adult” artist dies after an attempt to paint upside down. What a way to go Jorge. What do u say for all the young viewers today. (Jorge) Don’t do it!

  35. Julieart Draws says:

    Kate: Honey, I made some dinner, come and-



  36. Emma Kershaw says:

    When jazza's standards for a four year old is better than you can draw at 12


    Why do I really want to do this now XD

  37. Becca Goldenberg says:

    2:04 me when I get my math homework

  38. Becca Goldenberg says:

    Bob Ross: paints with white t-shirt and gets no paint on anything except canvas and pallet
    Me: puts on old shirt, old pants, 2 old jackets, an apron, painting suit, gloves, mask, and shoe covers
    Also me: manages to get paint on arms, legs, hands, feet, and face.

  39. Amanda Ramkissoon says:

    Just saying, as soon as he said 'This genuinely looks like something that was made by a 4 yr old.' I bet everyone went down to comment!

  40. Dobromir Yordanov says:

    You forgot the nipple clamps (you promised in your left vs right video)

  41. Kire Jam says:

    searching down here for the miyamoto comment…

  42. Super Sloths says:

    91% + 8% = 99%
    99% = 100%?

  43. Puupää 69 says:

    Well australia is upside down

  44. Explode TheWorld says:

    I am surprised on how good a four-year old can write upside down and make a Mario that looks better than my profile picture

  45. Lauren Violette says:

    ….I had one of those upside down things

  46. SpRITE????!!! Aka The Kit Kat Kitty says:

    oh gawd

  47. Debbie Monsegur says:


  48. Spino Boy says:

    Remember the bad art gallery the rabid peach belongs their

  49. Venissa Higginbotham says:

    My art teacher actually wants us to paint upside down so you look at shapes, not the whole picture.

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