100 Replies to “Vince Gill – When I Call Your Name (Official Music Video)”

  1. Ni-hao C H says:

    Vince is the best in country music 👍 this song make me cry 😢

  2. dru sears says:

    Reminds me when one of my lovers left me!!! Love this

  3. Cyle Ballard says:

    What instrument is that at 2:52

  4. tarn53 says:

    Breaking my heart

  5. linita f lavulo says:


  6. Woodman says:

    What a range!

  7. Woodrow 103 says:

    How can anyone give this video a thumbs down?

  8. Frances Mc says:

    September 2019 Just love this mans voice

  9. Esther Joseph says:

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! This song has a lot of love & meaning to it! Sweet!

  10. Holly Fisher says:

    Beautiful sound, and the Back-Up Singer's voice blends SO perfectly well with Vince's…Wonder who she is??

  11. Patti Cooke says:

    OMG I don't want to take away from your great performance (but as a barber) the mullet Vince – the MULLET hair cut is my criticism…. you can't help it lol it was just the times as they were.

  12. Marlon Lowaton says:

    My beloved cousin just passed away 2 days ago and she's the one who brought me here. I didn't know that this kind of song really exist. Oh god, I really missed her so much 😭. She will no longer answer my call whenever I visit her house.

  13. Philip Foote says:

    Vince…at his best.

  14. Shane Bridgman says:

    Vince Gill paid $500 for this song. Changed one word in the song

  15. Lima Daniel says:

    Perfect song

  16. Freddy Mclain says:

    how do I get original music to Vince? Who's his agent/publicist?

  17. Todd Edwards says:

    Kicking ass way before autotune

  18. Gertrude Emelander says:

    Beautiful song.

  19. Rhonda Boncutter says:

    I was driving today and this song came on my Serius Radio! I got home, sat in the Driveway and listened! What a wonderful voice! No wonder George Jones called him SweetPea!

  20. Christine Bako says:

    Country music, love

  21. Gail McFadyen says:

    For my nephew who passed last Saturday without leaving a note. I’ll love you forever my boy xxx

  22. Jennifer Owens says:

    I lost my Husband on September 16 2019… At 42 yrs young. Music has been my therapy. His favorite was Vince… I understand why I grew up on him he was my mommy's fave too. She passed on June 22nd 2009… Wish I can call her she always knew exactly what to say.. 😪😢 MY Angel's in heaven … Don't worry baby I got this ..I know he is giving me strength to get up everyday for our children ( 22, 11, and 13) and grandbaby ( 1 1/2) LOVE you baby forever AND ever AND ever After!! 🙏🙏🙌🙌😘😘

  23. Paul Klein says:

    boy this song brings back memories! . especially after my best friend passed away.R.I.P

  24. Henry Dotson says:

    I been with mine 42 yrs

  25. Scott Ward says:

    If there's better harmony than this, I'd like to hear it. Amazing.

  26. Cheryl Daniels says:

    He would tell him goodbye?

  27. Cheryl Daniels says:

    Hes a nice looking man and a jewel!.

  28. Chris Ford says:

    Who’s here 2019

  29. jeff snyder says:

    One of the top voices in country music history.

  30. Bob Bone says:

    Just beautiful!

  31. Steve Boudreau says:

    Remarkable voice! Great melody 🙂

  32. Den Boe says:

    Wow the front of the song is chopped. Nice to see/hear this video.

  33. Jake Taron says:


  34. South3rn Turnpik3 Broth3rz Turnpik3 Kid says:

    I love you Amy

  35. Melissa Mines says:

    I'm a fan of your music I love all your songs this is a beautiful song I Love

  36. Marian Norton says:

    Maybe next time, dump her. It's the writing on the wall

  37. david says:

    Almost 30 yrs ago I came home to a note on the table. This song played the next day on the way to work. Never cried on the way to work…

  38. Kenny Gwin says:

    be even better song when he gets a man voice

  39. murp h says:

    One of the great songs in all of popular music __ EVER

  40. ser vivo says:

    estas melodías , trasportan a un mundo de emociones

  41. Vivian Radabaugh says:

    My favorite song When I Call Your Name Sung By Vince Gill

  42. josef mengele says:

    I too have a similar story as Bills, but with a different twist. I too came home from work one evening and, and as I called out my wifes name, there was no response. As I made my way up the stairs, I heard her moaning as if she was in great pain. When I opened the door, I realized then and there that the woman I married 32 years ago was in pain, but for a different reason. There on the bed where we slept for the last 32 years was my wife deep throating the mail man, a close friend for many years. If any of yall out there would like to pay me a visit and share some of your stories, visiting hours are between one and three at San Quentin Prison . hint hint, I love chocolate chip cookies.

  43. OG Message Show says:

    Please subscribe and keep up the grind

  44. Missy Csorba says:

    They keep falling…just like rain.. Ive got to get it together lol

  45. StevieStargazer says:

    such a beautiful tenor voice and the harmony with patty is GORGEOUS, great song too

  46. redskin4040 says:

    This song came out when I was 17 and my one and only true love broke up with me. I'm 46 now and still not over her. I know people say that it's not true love when you're so young but that's wrong in some cases. I've been trying to find that same kind of love ever since. I guess I'm lucky to have at least experienced it for 5years.

  47. Patricia Bonekemper says:

    So Amazing Beautiful!!..2019 xxoo

  48. c filan says:

    Came back for the patty loveless harmonies

  49. Lima Daniel says:

    Love this man voice

  50. Ron Wells says:

    Hauntingly Beautiful! I'm assuming those who gave it a thumbs down have hearing issues.

  51. brapnation 1997 says:

    Hell yeah good song to drink to

  52. Dean Eiden says:

    Can't wait to hear this song at Spike and Lori's,…they have the best bass

  53. derek0173 says:

    Vince has a voice of an Angel

  54. Barbara Manning says:

    one of the most beautiful songs ever written

  55. Christy Rowland says:

    This song gives me the chills.

  56. Chris William says:

    Vince Gill – whenever I call your name= ✌️ I in see 👁️ /G⬆️ : ill DA IS HAWK DR OWE YOU BE LIBERTY 🗽 YOU HENNESSY 🥃 PUBLICLY EMANCIPATED A SEX 👁️ EVERYONE SEE ALL WHY OWE YOU ARE NAM 👁️////////////


  57. Emilia Dinovita Wundu says:

    Touch the deep heart, slow and heartles

  58. Keith Giles says:

    One of the rare times when a mullet looks good

  59. Lolly Ann says:

    I love the piano

  60. Stefan Hickel says:

    Amazing Voice

  61. Steve Cole says:

    This is an absolute golden country song love the steel guitar!!!!!

  62. christal charlery says:

    😭😭😭😭oh I miss my dad. No body when I called his name

  63. Kiltman says:

    Pure Emotion and Hell I dont even listen to Country Music

  64. Rudy Velasquez says:

    One of the best country songs ever written.

  65. Tarcisius Usnaat says:

    Mantap ma kasih

  66. Tarcisius Usnaat says:

    Terima kasih

  67. josef mengele says:

    I too had the same experience as Bills, but with a different twist. I came home after a busy day at work, and I called out my wifes name, but there was no answer. As I made my way up the stairs, I heard her moaning and groaning as if she was in some kind of pain. As I rushed to open the door to our bed room, low and behold, there was my wife of 34 years with the mail mans dick up her ass. If youd like to discuss this with me, visiting hours are between 3 and 5 on Fridays at San Quentin Prison. Hint , I love chocolate chip cookies.

  68. V_ Ng says:

    Good song

  69. James Burke says:

    Vince said it ,Patty made this song special

  70. Robert Martin says:

    Miss you Mama

  71. Rich L says:

    Vince and Patty robbed Country by never doing the duet album they wanted so badly to do.

  72. Noel Kerns says:

    Vince, dude…she's right there; just TURN AROUND!

  73. Jessica Swim says:


  74. Roos Amsterdammer says:

    This is amazing music.I like.thanks.

  75. Just in says:

    The best!

  76. Taylor Steege says:

    Call you name Tom Thomas in my dream

  77. sadie augustine says:

    My grandma funeral song

  78. dondgolfnut says:

    Lost the love of my life in 2017……I still call her name…..

  79. Brian Walsh says:

    Just my opinion…Along with “He Stopped Loving Her Today”, and “Chiseled In Stone”, This is one of the 3 greatest country songs in the world.

  80. Pam Brown says:

    Who is harmonizing with him?

  81. Craig Davis says:

    As I put my youngest son at 21 in the ground this song is a reminder of him . I'll always miss and love you dylan . God I've never been this heartbroken in my life

  82. I totally agree with what you said Amen says:


  83. Rose McMillion says:

    Love this song!💜

  84. George Billz says:


  85. Melissa Mines says:

    My husband 21 years tomorrow I love this song😭😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌

  86. Carol Lewis says:

    if I love that guy song one more time

  87. Jonathan Burch says:

    This is me since my family left I'm dieing

  88. Alex Mcleish says:


  89. Larry Dojaquez says:

    My grandpa and uncle died 30 yrs and six yrs ago but still hurts like yesterday

  90. Larry Dojaquez says:

    Pain of missing a love one never goes away

  91. donald tramp says:

    my grandmas grandmas sisters great grandson haha

  92. Karen Baldwin says:

    I think most ppl think of a husband or wife when they hear this song. Thank the good Lord I still have my wonderful husband with me. He's a gem and a blessing! I think of my sweet sainted mother when I hear this song. Mama some day I'm going to call out and you'll be there. Not a shadow of doubt in my mind.

  93. Mike Youngblood says:

    Bill, My Heart Breaks for You and all the commenters that have lost Loved ones.

  94. Edith Evans says:

    My favourite country singer wow what a voice thank you

  95. Nicholas Smith says:

    My grandmother loved Vince Gill.

  96. Barry Marks says:

    Would love to have heard Ray Charles sing this-—-One of my all-time FAVES-

  97. charnel salamanda says:

    💜💜 this song

  98. Kelly Kurenoff says:

    This song is so haunting. One of the most beautiful voices ever

  99. Himself Lee says:

    One of his heart wrenching songs. Applies to so many of us who can identify.

  100. Himself Lee says:

    Patty Loveless doing the harmony on this?

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