Watercolor Healing Painting / Autumn landscape drawing / Bridge going to fall [ART JACK]

September 11, 2019 9 Comments

Hi Artjack Kim Jae-seok is an artist. With my videos in music In the course of completing a beautiful painting I want you to be healed. If you are a viewer who is learning about painting, Please refer to the setting that slows down the playback in the setting. Subtitles can also adjust subtitles in video settings. Delete And in the language of each country in the computer Automatic translation is available. And if you like the picture and you want to watch the video regularly, Please be sure to subscribe. Thank you.

9 Replies to “Watercolor Healing Painting / Autumn landscape drawing / Bridge going to fall [ART JACK]”

  1. МИР. says:

    Понравилось. Особенно мост, такой натуральный. Молодец.

  2. Marco says:

    Hi from France!!! where i m following yuor great work of art i m just starting to paint watercolors and you are truely helpfull !!!!!! thanks so much!! Marco.

  3. Deborah M says:

    Hi another. Lovely work. of art, you have inspired me as. I had lost my motivation and. from watching you l have it back huge thank you ☺☺

  4. Christine Snook says:

    Fantastic!! I would ❤️ to take a walk there!

  5. Tucson Tom says:

    I hope the bridge doesn't fall!

  6. Painting Step By Step says:

    Wonderful. Excellent piece of art.

  7. Suneetha Chandrappa says:

    I love your painting…

  8. 김미숙 says:

    예술 입니다 선생님 그림 그리시는것을 보면요 정말로 감동 입니다

  9. 소리빗 says:

    역시 다리 예술!!!
    제가 그리고 싶은 그림이에요
    모든 컬러가 다 함유된 그림 그리고 서로 절묘하게 어울어지는 그림요 오늘도 잘 감상하고 갑니다^^

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