(Weekly Idol EP.315) WANNA ONE Random play dance FULL ver. [워너원 랜덤 플레이 댄스 풀버젼]

And now it’s Random Play dance We are going to play random dance wow wooo *The corner that we have been waiting for*
This is really famous and anticipated DONI: What do we give you? A prize or a punishment? A Prize! CONI: What do you want? DONI: Right now, the only prize we can offer you is food YOON JISUNG: What kind of food? DONI: Anything that you want to eat YOON JISUNG: If we ever meet again in another broadcast station How about catering a buffet for us? CONI: You want us to pay? Daehwi: That sounds great CONI: That will be half of my pay DONI: It’s okay. Today’s gonna be my last day broadcasting. DONI: Now the food prizes that you can win are chicken, jokbal and drinks. *WOW*
CONI: Right now at 1 am in the morning! YOON JINSUNG: Then we’ll take chicken & Jokbal. DONI: Then, if you guys win on the first try we will give you all the prizes *WOAHHH* (My babies must be starving ;-;) *Seriously?* DONI: Everything! Chicken, jokbal and the drinks But everytime you get the dance wrong you will have to get rid of something #MAKE_WANNAONE_NOT_HUNGRY DONI: Come on! We can do it! So let’s start Random play dance DONI: Music… DAEHWI: Why am I nervous? DONI: Cue! Wanna One’s most lit song- Pick Me 😉 *They must’ve danced to that more than 101 times* (great pun btw) *It took them less than 3 seconds to get their positions right* *I’m going to steal your heart tonight* DONI: Why does that look so easy? *Great start* Burn It Up -Wanna One a.k.a Even Yo Momma Calls Me Daddy 🙂 *Confused* *Blocked Path* *Secretly busy* *He looks suspicious* *My little Ongie is lost* *It was a magnificent turn, but…* *He should’ve went low* BIHHHH It’s freaking Energetic-Wanna One *Harmony or…?* *Chaos* *Literally me trying to keep up with life* CONI: Jae-hwan looks suspicious *Now it looks great* (They jump so high!!!) Never-Wanna One (Do I even need to comment about this masterpiece?) *Urgent* *Baby Daehwi is busy looking for his place* DAEHWI: What’s going on? *He took his place* STOP DAEHWI: It wasn’t my fault! CONI: What’s the problem? YOON JINSUNG: Daniel wasn’t supposed to be here DAEHWI: He was wrong CONI: So it’s Daniel’s fault? YOON JINSUNG: These were added moves that Daniel practiced by himself DAEHWI: But he took my place! YOON JINSUNG: No, you shouldn’t have said that! DAEHWI: I’ll take it back DAEHWI: He took my place! *Worried* *Dae-hwi is back to reality* DAEHWI: It was for 8 people CONI: For 8 members? Kang Daniel: So who got it wrong? DAEHWI: It was free style dancing *DONI spotted his preys* DONI: Who got it wrong? Bae JinYoung: This is not a dance for all the members Daniel is the one who got it wrong Bae JinYoung: He’s not part of the dance. DONI: Ahhhh! DONI: Seriously, JinYoung is so naive! *Realised his mistake* *What did I do?!* DONI: He comfirmed your mistake *What’s going to happen to their meal?* DAEHWI: What? No, Jin Young doesn’t even know that! DONI: What? DONI: Wait but why are you angry at me? That was so scary! CONI: Daehwi you need to calm down DAEHWI: I didn’t mean that! DONI: It’s done CONI: Daehwi it’s done DONI: Thanks to JinYoung we have to get rid of one of the prizes Pick one item to remove chicken, jokbal or the drinks Everyone: The drinks! DONI: But you must feel thirsty? MINHYUK: We can drink water (and stop sleeping on Nu’est) Lai Guanin: We should keep the chicken! DONI: Alright… Let’s go! JinYoung: I’m sorry! Lai Guanin (or smol bean): It’s fine! YOON JISUNG (or ball of fluffy sunshine): We’re doing great! DONI: Alright! Let’s go… Start the music! (Energetic – Wanna One) otherwise known as ‘this song saved kpop’ DAEHWI: Don’t push me! *Faster than before* *Agile moves* (Btw is it me or is Minhyun lookin super fine?) *Their focused faces appear* *Pleased* (Open Up- Wanna One) Omg you don’t even know what’s coming at ya 😉 Brace yourselves 😉 Get it Danny Boi 3:) *Let’s listen* *He’s Ready* *He doesn’t feel embarrassed when it comes to dancing* *Everyone’s excited* if you know what I mean 😉 *Me too!* Lmao though how can Ong be Ong with a straight face?XD *You never feel bored from him* (Show Time – Wanna One) can also be referred to as ‘underrated but a goddamn jam’ *Dancing with passion* *Dancing like it’s the last day in their lives* *Excited* wink, wink 😉 (Oh Little Girl- Wanna One) a.k.a another golden track *A great dancing duo* *Gentle* *Loveable* *They’re amazing* *They’re only watching* (Burn it Up- You know who sings it) *Everyone’s busy* *Random play dance full of danger* DONI: Jihoon is that correct? *DAEHWY THOUGHT HE GOT CAUGHT* DAEHWY: What did I do wrong? *There’s no mistakes* *The strongest choreography appears* *We only want to listen* *Manly* *Let’s watch it again* *Great facial expression* (Hands on Me- I’m pretty sure all of you know by now the atrist) Do the body wave! *A broken wave* — Literally all my past relationships *Flustered* DONI: Minhyun!!! *We caught him* DONI: What’s wrong Minhyun? DONI: You were obviously wrong! YOON JISUNG: I didn’t expect this at all! CONI: Minhyun got it wrong? DONI: Minhyun and Woojin! Minhyun: I did a freestyle dance CONI: While everyone was dancing differntly? CONI: How many people hold into the hand of Sung Woo? DONI: How’s the original dance? All of you huddled in one spot! DAEHWI: It’s supposed to look like that Lai Guanlin: It’s part of the dance DONI: That was the original dance? PARK WOOJIN: He’s there and- DONI: Oh I got it! But why didn’t you do that before? YOO JISUNG: Cause we rushed to dance it DONI: You did that cause you rushed to the dance? YOO JISSUNG: Yeah we just rushed over to touch him DONI: There was no coordination to your dance cause you rushed to touch him? YOO JISUNG: Exactly DONI: Daehwi who was at fault? DAEHWI: Do you want me to say the truth? DONI: Yes DONI: Who was it Minhyun or Jisung? CONI: Tell us honestly, I feel like Jisung was mostly mistaken *No, Daehwi* CONI: They joined the formation late DONI: That was clear CONI: Be honest You have to be very honest with us DAEHWI: The dance was right! *Proud* DONI: Let’s watch the original dance then DAEHWY: Wanna One fans, wasn’t the dance correct? GIRLY VOICED WANNA ONE: Yes! *Let’s ask the viewers* *Pretends like he’s a fan of Wanna One* DAEHWI: They say we’re right! *Avoids the problem* DONI: So which dish do you want to get rid of? The chicken or jokbal? CONI: In my oppinion, I feel like you should choose chicken YOON JISUNG: How about you lessen the amount of chicken for us? DAEHWI: Sounds great! DONI: Don’t use your brain YOON JISUNG: Give us less chicken, please DONI: So which dish do we get rid of? The chicken or jokbal? Give me a show of hands Whoever wants chicken put your hand up! 1, 2, 3 CONI: We’re not getting rid of chicken DONI: This is your last chance DAEHWI: There’s no food after that, right? Everyone: No food Lai Guanlin: We’re not gonna get it wrong (Awww he’s so cute, and bless that noona who styled his hair) DAEHWI: Are you sure? DONI: Alright, good luck! This is the last chance! Music, please (Another masterpiece by dem sexy hot boys) *Busy* *They got into formation in less than 5 seconds* PARK JIHOON: Nice! Nice! *They dance comfortably* *We’re watching you* *No more mistakes* (“Another one”, DJ Khaled said as he watched dem talented boys perform) Lol soz I got to take a break XD *Where are you going?* *He’s helping him with the position* DONI: Are you alright? *Sorry* *Bewildered* *A different gaze* *Wanna One, burn it up!* (“Another one,” DJ Khaled repeated as he couldn’t help himself but demand another song from them talented children) *Quickly* *Dancing with skills* *Wanna One still looking good with Random play dance challenge* *He made another mistake* *A sudden freestyle dance* (DJ Khaled was bout to utter the sentence “another one” but the DJ of the show got him covered ith this legendary track) CONI: Daehwi we’ll catch you making a mistake soon! *Excited with the song intro* *Heart beat* *Familiar music* *We’re proud of you!* I’ll spare you the DJ Khaled story :p *Pleased* *They got used to this* YASS THAT’S MY BIAS Y’ALL

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