Why We Hate Our Own Voice When Recorded And What to Do About It?

September 18, 2019 15 Comments

Hi, recording of your own voice is an
excellent tool but I also know that many singers hate their voice on a recording.
Let me tell you a secret. It’s absolutely normal – we all hate our
voices on a recording and in this video I am going to tell you why and most
importantly what to do about it. Because if you don’t record your voice on a
regular basis you are missing a big piece of information about your
instrument and without this information you cannot improve your singing. So watch this video to learn how to love your voice! Hi, my name is Katarina
from How 2 Improve Singing. Yes, we sound different when recorded and that makes
us dislike our own voice. And these are the reasons why you don’t like your own
voice: When we hear someone else talking or singing the sound waves travel
through the air until they reach your middle ear and your inner ear. Then the
sound energy is transferred into neuro signals and that’s how you hear someone
else’s voice. However, when you hear your own voice there is a second method of
the sound waves traveling into your inner ear and it’s called bone
conduction. So when you talk or sing the vocal cords vibrate and then the sound
the energy is transferred through the structures of your head, including your
bones, and these vibrations and sound energy is picked up by your inner ear.
Because bone conduction transfers lower frequencies better you hear your voice
deeper than it normally is. So when you hear your voice on a recording it sounds
higher pitched or even squeaky to you because you are missing those lower
frequencies. These are the facts and you cannot change anything about it. What you can change is the way how you listen to your own voice. So here are some tips how to love your voice again. Tip number one: Don’t compare yourself to the recordings
of your favorite singer. First of all, your voice is unique. You will never
sound like your favorite singer. Second, the quality of the home recording is
very different from the recording made in a professional studio. If you are using a smartphone or a device or equipment that is less than
professional the quality will reflect that. So stop comparing yourself to
highly professional recordings. It’s not a fair comparison! Tip number two: listen
non-judgmentally! Our society is very judgmental. Just watch a singing competition on a TV and there will be a whole panel of
judges ready to shoot one judgment after another. But do you know who is the worst critic of your singing? It’s you! Stop judging and start listening. Quiet that
inner critic inside you and listen with an open mind. Do not have expectations, do not analyze why it sounded like it sounded. Just listen! Choose one or two
qualities that you want to listen to, for example pitch accuracy or breathiness and then just listen. Don’t judge, just notice the variations in your voice. Give
yourself a chance. Maybe you don’t like your voice because you have too high of
expectations for what you can do right now. So give yourself time to improve. Give yourself a chance! Tip number three: Listen to many different singers. Every
day listen or watch a video of someone else singing. Notice the sound quality, the nuances, the stylistic choices, the
emotional expressions of the song. Just listen, do not judge! Listen to great
singers like Pavarotti, Ella Fitzgerald, Lady Gaga, Josh Groban, Freddie Mercury,
Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Barbra Streisand. Listen to many different
genres. Listen to one song sang by many different singers, interpreters and
notice how different they are. Or listen to the same singer at different times in
his or her life and then notice the differences. Notice how the voice changes or how his or her stylistic choices change. Notice the differences but never
compare yourself to them. Bonus tip: Keep recording yourself on a regular basis.
Eventually you will get used to listening to your own voice on a
recording. After you listen to your recording always find a few things that
you liked about your voice, about your singing. And say them out loud or write
them down. Learn to compliment yourself. It feels good and it builds confidence.
Start developing this skill today! In this video, I shared some tips about
how to love your voice again. Record your own singing, your own voice on a regular
basis because it’s an amazing tool. Use your smart phone or a simple camera
to record not only your voice but your whole body because when you observe
yourself while singing you can learn a lot about yourself and your instrument.
Singing is a self exploration process and listening to your recording is just
invaluable . To help you make observations of your singing videos I prepared a
breathing checklist. Click the link in the description below and download this
free checklist to help you recognize what you
are a good at and what needs some work. But before you do that click the like
button and subscribe for more videos every week. Thank you for watching and I
will see you in the next video. Happy breathing and happy singing! Bye!

15 Replies to “Why We Hate Our Own Voice When Recorded And What to Do About It?”

  1. Katarina H. says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Now, tell me: do you hate or love your voice when you hear it on a recording?

  2. OMGURSocial says:

    Great video! It took me a while to get comfortable hearing my own recorded voice. I just kept at it, and the more I recorded my voice the more comfortable I felt. Now my recorded voice seems normal to me.

  3. Sandra Rolus says:

    Thanks for this amazing video! I remember the time I did not like my voice, nowadays it's one of my biggest assets and people like my voice while I offer guided meditation 🙂

  4. Professor Heather Austin says:

    Isn't it so sad that we don't like the sound of our own voice? As I've been creating more and more videos, my voice is starting to not bother me as much.

  5. Sue Ferreira says:

    Such a truth, Katerina H. Also, not liking our voices is part of not being comfortable on camera, which is a reflection of not being comfortable with ourselves. Making videos is a personal growth experience!!

  6. Financial Woman says:

    Thanks for explaining why I don't like my voice! Pretty setting, too:)

  7. Angel Coleman says:

    OMG I use to hate hearing my voice… But I've gotten over that challenge and now it doesn't bother me at all anymore. Great tips on how to embrace your voice!!

  8. Jen's Vegas Reviews says:

    Awesome video! I like singing in the shower and during Karaoke so this is helpful to know when others listen to themselves on a video. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Bill Benoist says:

    I look at some of my earlier videos and those I do now – what a difference in my voice. I think for me, as I became more comfortable on video, my voice became more relaxed.

  10. The Bootstrap Boutique says:

    higher pitched and squeaky, that is exactly what Ive never liked!

  11. Gener Cotamora says:

    thanks a lot

  12. zendweller1 says:

    mystery solved! You finally solved it for me, Katarina H….I have spent a lifetime wondering why my recorded voice often sounds like one of the Chipmunks at Christmas, and now I know! 🙂 This is an excellent video that has three really valuable tips – some of which I had never realized before now. Thank you so much! 🙂

  13. Bloggin Brandi says:

    It took me a long time to not hate listening to my voice. But, over time I got use to it. Interesting to hear this explained 🙂

  14. Young Wild Me! Kids Toy Channel says:

    Thanks for sharing this, it is true that it is awful to listen to yourself!

  15. HillbillySelectReviews says:

    I'm really enjoying watching all your videos.

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