YOUR FAVORITE Dance Moms Video of 2019: Kendall Screams at Ashlee | Lifetime

Brynn, congratulations. You are a member of this team. [APPLAUSE] Abby, how do you
really feel about moms who don’t necessarily
agree with the way the results went
automatically questioning you? Why don’t you just stop? All you want is drama here. Why don’t we just go
on with the pyramid? All right, I know
what you think. I wasn’t talking to you. I was asking Abby. Why are we bringing this up? We’re talking about the trio. I don’t care. You guys never once put in–
take into account that this kid has feelings too, ever. Because everything out of
your mouth is mean and hurtful. ASHLEE ALLEN: You’re just
jealous that Brynn has had a better season than Kendall. It’s all over social media. It doesn’t– Kendall, don’t listen to her. It’s not all over social media. Trust me, she’s a fool. That’s a lie. That’s a flat out lie. You know what? Why don’t we just focus on the
pyramid and move on to that? Because this is not
conducive to the girls. JILL VERTES: This is what it’s
come down to every frickin’ day, thanks to that one. You’re not allowed to
speak or look at my child. I wasn’t talking
to either of you. I was talking to Abby. Then don’t speak
when she’s around. ASHLEE ALLEN: You know, it
just amazes me that she won. You said it was not
even a real sport. JILL VERTES: I’m not
dealing with this. ASHLEE ALLEN: I care
about her feelings. JILL VERTES: So much that she
has to tear down every kid to make hers feel good. ASHLEE ALLEN: I have not
torn down kids, Jill. JILL VERTES: Yes, you do. Yes, you do. You’re the one who
tears down kids every day. You guys talk crap about
my kid all the time. Uh, you’re not out
there, Kendall. So you don’t know. Excuse me. Abby, I am not
allowing this woman to talk to my child like that. Wow, Kendall yelled at Ashley. Our kids are becoming
like their mothers. And is that a really good thing? Grow the [BLEEP] up. I’m done. I’m leaving. Goodbye. Jill– Jill. JILL VERTES: No. You can have her. Have her. Have fun. I’m leaving. I am so over this. This is absolutely nuts. I understand now how
Kendall gets so upset because I’m seeing Jill do it. I just don’t think that’s
great for their blood pressure. MELISSA ZIEGLER: Don’t
leave– not for her. Jill, Jill, how long
have you been here? Not for her– don’t leave. Don’t leave. She’s a bitch, talking about
kids the way she does, Abby. ASHLEE ALLEN: I
said she doesn’t– MELISSA ZIEGLER:
Shut up, Ashlee. You got your dream. Take it, girlfriend. You look like a pig. Oh my God, how cute. I wish I could scream in her
face and say how mean she is. But I’m not a brat so
I’m not going to do that. When a mother talks about
you, it’s really not OK. And now that I’m becoming
older and more mature, I have a voice. And I’m going to use it. ABBY LEE: This is our studio. I’m over it. Something’s got to change
because if Abby’s going to stand around and
let this happen, Kendall and I are not going
to put up with this anymore.

100 Replies to “YOUR FAVORITE Dance Moms Video of 2019: Kendall Screams at Ashlee | Lifetime”

  1. Nikipher Smith says:

    So mean Kendall

  2. Jada Laird says:

    OMG 😳

  3. Jose R says:

    Jill…. literally the biggest hypocrite on the show 🙄😪

  4. Alicia Winker says:

    Kendall is not a brat that is just mean

  5. Beth Hammond says:

    I love this clip it’s hilarious. Another kid gets 0.3 seconds of attention and Ashlee just goes off “BrYnN hAs FeElInGs tOo” fr girl. Pipe down 😂

  6. Serenity Lisowski says:

    Brynn should not be crying, if anything Brynn should be with Kendell and angry with her mother.

  7. Diana Tavera says:



  8. Taylor Harvey says:

    To be clear, Ashlee said something else not that Jill was jealous that Brynn had a better season. That’s been confirmed

  9. Layla_gacha Life says:

    I feel sorry for Abby she trying to break it up but they just keep arguing

  10. optimus prime Endycott says:

    All the have be talk together

  11. optimus prime Endycott says:

    What did Jojo say to the kids

  12. optimus prime Endycott says:

    All the kids have be talking together because of Jojo

  13. Red dead Cat 431 says:

    Hi my friend is in there you beter treet her nice addylee

  14. Santiago Preciado says:

    Moms have to stop


  15. Sanaa Bhorkar says:


    – Abby Lee Miller

  16. Rehat Bhullar says:

    since when dose abby care about there blood presure?

  17. I’m A boomer says:

    101 comment

  18. Jazmine Jackson says:

    Wait jojos still on dance moms

  19. nevaeh s says:

    On my gosh this is so much drama like the dance moms urghhhh..😠anger face is then arguing

  20. America Sarmiento says:

    Brynn you are a brat shut up

  21. Rebecca Pearson says:

    Abbie is like what is going on lol

  22. Joby Fearon says:

    Are they in Pittsburgh or America are

  23. Christina Hardin says:

    Abby is just like WHAT IS GOING ON!?!

  24. Gabriella Poinan says:

    I hate the new girl and her mom so rude the new girl is a brat not Kendall

  25. Best Gamer says:

    Abby can’t Be nice and strict

  26. Noor Khan says:

    Is it just me or was the video and comments really blurry

  27. Julianne Acquaviva says:

    Brynn is a brat

  28. Nilufer G says:

    Kendall is a great dancer

  29. Nilufer G says:

    Abby pls read this pls your the greatest dance teacher I have seen love ya❤👍❤👍❤

  30. James Centonze says:

    Why are we bringing this up it’s like so stupid

  31. Aralyn Ward says:

    Kendall is a brat and Ashlee did nothing

  32. Kaelynn Diaz says:

    To much drama

  33. Umi Nguyen says:

    It is pyramid time not yelling at each other

  34. Jowanنعم Mohamed says:


  35. afton fleck says:

    Omg its not brynns fault its ashlys kendal teech her a LESSON SHUT UP ASHLEY AN YOU DPPIG FACE

  36. Molly Jones says:

    Love you abby

  37. Amy Hampton says:

    Kendell: WHY ARE U SO MEAN
    Me: sitting at the edge of my seat
    Abby: I don't think this is good for there blood pressure
    Me: How would u know that's all u do lol

  38. killertroke 123 says:

    I hate Ashley she is a beach


    😯😯😯😯😯😯😯so much drama

  40. Jennifer Barber says:

    Ashlee is mean to kedol

  41. Aminadad Lugo says:

    I feel bad for Ashlee and Brynn as well though..

  42. Jose Alfredo Pantoja says:

    Ashlee your not even apart of the team

  43. yiy Chakhemthong says:


  44. yiy Chakhemthong says:

    Being mean to the kids hurting there felings

  45. Unicorn Lady says:


  46. Giabella Vlogs says:

    Am i the only one on ashlee side 👀

  47. Maegan Lambright says:

    Lmao y’all call Brynn a brat when she stands up for herself but as soon as Kendall screams in an adults it’s y’all are praising her💀. But imo both of them were bratty so🤷

  48. Random Jam says:

    I’m not defending ashley not at all but I dont think yelling at an adult while crying makes u mature like kendall said

  49. Noranna says:

    the moms yell at abby for not coming to concerts and rehearsals when they scream at each other 24/7 because of stupid reasons

  50. Wanda Veasey says:


  51. Random Jam says:

    Abby is just like “WTF” 😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Rita Hood says:

    Oh my God

  53. Gesel Henriquez says:

    JOJO so good a

  54. Rebecca Schofield says:

    Thanks lifetime for this!

  55. Emilia Nielsen says:

    Oh god!
    I mean seriously!!
    They are "great" at solving problems!!! (Door slam and yelling)!

  56. Avery Crenshaw says:

    Lol they are fightinf

  57. Makayla anina says:

    Abby put so much pressure on the girls I just noticed JoJo in the back hugging kindell lol

  58. Emilia Nielsen says:

    "cough brat cough cough cough"!
    Brynes always so quiet but seemingly she IS a real brat

  59. CD Delawari says:

    there is so much drama

  60. SaNaaya DuBose says:

    The comments at 1:53 😂😂

  61. Alexandra Gonzalez says:


  62. Tori Banegas says:

    One more time calling Kendal a brat and your just proving yourself that you are one miss Attitude

  63. Kim Texting stories says:

    Idk why they are acting like babies! Jill and Jess and Melissa are rude to ashlee and brynn! Why are people defending kendall and Jill if they are rude to brynn! Like Jill want everything to be for kendall THEY LEFT ABBY'S STUDIO and they say they were loyal not true! And kendall can't talk to a older person like that! And they all ruin brynn's opportunities for everything could be about their children! Its not brynn thats acting like a brat its also kendall and jojo! So not just brynn! And idk why kendall jess jill and melissa say that ashlee is rude if THEY ARE MEAN TO ASHLEE AND BRYNN! I cant believe melissa called ashlee a pig that rude! They dont care about brynns or ashlees feelings only theirs! This is Why Kira and Kalani are my favs OG!

  64. marisa catherine says:

    kendall was a brat for this

  65. Amtoj Dhaliwal says:

    Why do you always fight

  66. Joshua Peterson says:

    I love how abby is so chill JUST in this one

  67. Alex Castro says:

    wene did abby become the cool one??????????

  68. Silvereyes 24 says:

    This is so biased

  69. Yeet_Jonesy * says:

    I agreed to Kendall and Kendall’s mom

  70. ceciliarpereira says:

    People often say Kendall is a crybaby, but she held on for a while Brynn's mother talking about her. Jill is wrong most of the time, but this video shows she's not the only wrong mother in the story.

  71. Dance Moms Audioswaps says:

    What Jill has said about Brynn is way worse than what Ashlee has said about Kendall. It was annoying how this video was one-sided and honestly Jill is the biggest hypocrite

  72. MJ_Flare says:

    “More mature”? She yelled at her face and walked away. Don’t think she knew exactly what mature meant.

  73. Tan Dinhidza says:

    Really guys

  74. Tushar Hassan says:

    Why did Nia got to brynn and MacKenzie why did they go to her she a bad person and ashley

  75. Dinora Anthony says:

    Brynn was actually being rude to Kendall she said ''I wish I can yell at them and say your soo mean but im, not a brat'' so she's basically saying Kendall is a brat because she said '' YOUR SOO MEAN!!!"' to Ashley, but Kendall was just trying to stand up for herself!!!! Well I know that it's not Brynn fault so I don't hate he.

  76. Kieran Cooke says:

    The comments on the video are so annoying like bruh they’re all supporting Kendall even tho she was wrong

  77. Tushar Hassan says:

    I love how she says that
    Brynn:I wish that I could scream at her face and say how mean she is but I'm not a brat so won't to that
    Me:excuse me you are a brat

  78. Aleeha Shahid says:


  79. Martha Gustafson says:

    When did the moms come so mean?😡😡😡

  80. Jeanette Maldonado says:

    Yes kendall love you❤❤❤❤

  81. Maria Herrera says:

    Omg you are brat so shut up

  82. Marilyn Ugarte says:

    Why dose that B* have to talk (sorry i dont know her name so i called her B*)

  83. fizz rz says:

    abby is rude she is crazy techer to jojo sehe is relly rude

  84. sarah says:

    The comments chosen are biased towards Kendall and Jill, good job lifetime 🙄

  85. Believe Aldc says:

    i agree with most of the comments but you can tell that all these comments were on kendalls side. poor brynn 🙁

  86. Believe Aldc says:

    lowkey disappointed that my long rant wasnt here

  87. Leena Alkhaldi says:

    I love you Maddie I wish one day I can see you 😍

  88. Alicia3 Dawson4 says:

    First of all brnnn Kendall is not a brat you are

  89. Piper Iniguez says:

    I'm proud of Kendal for standing up for herself

  90. Jo Z yt says:

    Brynn: I’m nOt A BraT SO I WilL NOt ScREAM iN Her FacE

    Me: No, Your scared that your going to get in trouble and you know it’s just that Kendall can stand up to you.

  91. T Jackson says:

    Ashlee surprised face though 🤣

  92. Damola Aladesiun says:

    Brynn is so disrespectful she just called her own team member a brat

  93. beth louise says:

    I rly never liked bryn or her mom

  94. Natasha Boswell says:

    Omg just stooooooop

  95. xplringlimelight says:

    Once I dislike someone, it’s hard for me to like them again. So when Brynn called Kendall a brat, i just can’t like her. I want to because I know that most of it’s her mother’s fault, but it still doesn’t excuse her for calling a fellow teammate a brat. Sorry for ranting, just had it get it out

  96. Lexi Bedson says:

    Ashly os so inuyinh

  97. Niya Dariya says:

    Omg why does ashlee have to start the drama she embarrassing brynn

  98. Danielle Yet playz says:

    who just replayed the part where Jojo was like I was all over social media and I saw nothing. she is so sweet.

  99. *_BTSArmyxBlink-* -* says:

    I hate some people in this group,Moms who FIGHT but not Melisa she is fine,If u wanna know who ask me.And I almost hate dance Moms becaus eof THESE people I hate.

  100. *_BTSArmyxBlink-* -* says:

    Let be honest…Ashlee started the fight but then Melisa talked back to Ashlee but Ashlee wasnt talking to Melisa so is it Melissa starting the fight?because if she ignored her and Let Abby answer Will it be ok?

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