– Oh, I forgot.
I’m gonna have to change. – Show it to me.
Come on, baby. – ♪ My first love
broke my heart ♪ – ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we are gonna be
showing you clips of ten videos. – Oh, I do terrible at these. – (FBE) We’ve previously done
episodes on the top ten most viewed and most liked
videos in YouTube’s history, but today, we’re gonna do
something a little different. – I like different. – (FBE) Today, we’re gonna be
showing you the top ten most disliked music videos
in YouTube’s history. – Oh, God.
– (FBE) And we’re going to see if you guys can guess them
in the correct order. – Oh, interesting.
Okay. – Hell yes.
I’m so excited about this. Show me some trash. – I don’t agree with this,
but I feel like Justin Bieber will be in there. – Baby is on there.
I’m calling it now. The prophecy must be fulfilled. – I think there’s gonna be
a lot of polarizing stuff. Like Gangnam Style, I feel like
a lot of people liked it, but a lot of people were like,
“I don’t know what this is.” – (FBE) So, while you’re watching
through, you can place your answers down on this.
– Love it, okay. Thank you. – (FBE) As we’re going through
each video, if you wanna just place where you think
they go in the top ten and then you’ll have a chance
at the end to make a permanent guess.
– I am absurdly competitive. – ♪ It’s everyday bro ♪
– Yes! – Duh. – (singing along)
♪ Never done before ♪ – Oh, you like it,
so it can’t be that– – (singing along)
♪ PewDiePie is next ♪ – Oh my God.
I forgot about this. – I don’t wanna be
dancing to that. – I’m not even the biggest
Jake Paul fan, but I like–
I could jam to this. – ♪ Catch me at game one ♪
– Where would this be? – This is my number one.
– This is my number one, too. – I think this is probably
the best of his music videos. – Yeah, I think this is the best
Jake Paul music video. – Like it or hate it,
that’s history right there. – I’ll put it at number three. – We’re gonna put that
at number one. – Yeah. – Number three
because if that were number one, Jake Paul would have made sure
everybody on this planet knows, “I got the number one most
disliked video on YouTube, guys.” – ♪ I sing, wap-bab ♪
– Who is this? – I don’t know this music video. – ♪ Ba-da-di-da-da
wap-bap ♪ – This is actually quite
the catchy jingle. It’s not bad. – It’s simple.
Is this the whole song? – Are these the lyrics?
Is this all it is? – I don’t hate it. – ♪ Wap-bap,
ba-da-da-da-da-da ♪ – There’s not much to this song. – Her way with words.
It’s magical. – We’ll put her at number eight. – That’s gotta be a nine
or something. That can’t be–
– Sure, whatever. – Nine?
– Just put it down. – Maybe a seven?
– Yeah, that works. – That’s delightful.
I love that. I’ma put that at ten. – ♪ Despacito ♪
– This is disliked. – I went from hating this song
to now just being like, okay, it’s groovy. – I don’t care what anybody
says, this is an incredible song and I will dance to it
everyday. – See, people probably don’t
think this is that disliked, but this is–
I think this is the most viewed YouTube video, so it’s
gotta have a lot of dislikes. – It’s hard to say because I know
that’s the most viewed, which automatically would
probably make it the most liked, which could
potentially make it the most disliked. – Despacito is number three. – I’m gonna go number two.
I wanna save number one. I think something else
is gonna come up and surprise me. – It’s probably four.
– Okay. – I say we gotta put it
at number two. – Number two?
Okay. There’s enough people
that like to just hate what other people like. – ♪ So baby if you
are not ready ♪ – Oh, Sweatshirt.
Yeah, I remember this. – (laughs)
This is just all the classics. – ♪ You can wear my ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Sweatshirt ♪ I like this song, dude. – ♪ And you can tell your friends ♪
– Some stop motion. – Oh yeah. – It’s kind of a bop.
– Yeah. They’re all catchy. – I love this song.
I don’t care what anyone says. – ♪ ‘Cause you’re the only
one I hold ♪ ♪ And I don’t want you
to be cold ♪ ♪ So baby, wear my ♪
– Aw, he’s just trying his best. I’ma put him at six. – Four. – I would say six.
– Yeah, we can give him that. – If Jake Paul’s a six,
then that was a seven. – That was a seven? – ♪ Is it too late now ♪ – What?
– I love this music video. – All right, Sorry?
So you got two on here, Biebs? – I just don’t get it, man.
This is a good song. – He always gets dislikes.
I never understand it. I don’t know.
There’s controversy around him, but I always thought
he was a good dude. – It’s not a bad video,
but I could see why people would hate it.
The dancing’s not… – Yeah.
– It’s cool, but I could see it irritating some people.
– Yeah, I can see that. – It’s hard to say
where that is, so I’m gonna put him
maybe at number eight. – Just put him four, I guess
for now. – Four?
– It doesn’t make any sense. – It doesn’t,
but we can swap them around. – I’m gonna put that at nine.
It’s not a cringey video. It’s not a bad song.
He’s not even in it. – I’m gonna put him at five.
I’m kinda liking my list so far, guys.
I don’t know if I’m the best at this game,
but I’m pretty sure I’m the best at this game. – ♪ My anaconda don’t ♪
– Hmm, really? – What?
How? This is art. – When this came out,
everyone was shooketh. – Who would dislike this?
This is just a visual feast. – I feel like you should have
been in this, in the left corner. – I could dream. – ♪ Look at, look at, look at
Look at her butt ♪ – I wish I could twerk. – Gonna go number five. – That’s number one.
– Really? – Maybe number five.
– Let’s give her five for now. – Okay. – I give Nicki Minjaj
a nine. – I’d put that nine.
Who hates Baby Got Back? – People like the original.
Let’s split the difference. Let’s go eight.
– Okay. – ♪ I came in like a ♪
– Oh man, Miley’s phase. – Oh, I remember this.
This should have a lot of dislikes.
This was a ton of controversy. – Why?
Oh, I guess it was prime. Miley, what happened? – Really, this was–
actually, yeah. This is a very polarizing video.
It’s love it or hate it. – Why do people hate this?
– ‘Cause people don’t wanna see people naked. – I think the song’s actually
really good. I could jam to this song for sure,
but it’s definitely the music video that got
the controversy. – ♪ Break me ♪
– I [bleep] hated that song when it first came out.
Now, It’s tolerable at least. – We’re gonna put you
at number ten. – I’d put it below these,
but pretty high, so I’d say number four.
– Number four? – Wrecking Ball, number two.
I don’t think that’s right. We’re gonna have to
redo all of this. – I remember when Miley
went through her crazy phase, everyone was very,
they loved her or either hated her. There was not really an
in between. I’m gonna put that
at a solid number five. – Of course.
Why did I not think about this? – I should have realized.
Yeah, of course this was disliked. Again, just like Despacito. – I hope this is the most–
number one disliked. I really–
this song gets on my nerves. – ♪ Oppan Gangnam style ♪ – That’s top three.
– Are you [bleep]– – I’m telling you.
– God damn it. I guess two then.
It can’t be number one. – I think I’m gonna go
number three just because I know this one has
a lot of views. – I’ll put it behind Jake Paul.
Number four, it would be PSY. – Two.
It’s got a piece of history attached to it,
but it’s really good. I like that song. – ♪ Kicking in the front seat ♪
– (laughs) Duh. – Oh, I forgot.
I’m gonna have to change. – Everything about this was bad,
but I will say she still does YouTube
and she still sings and she has improved. – (singing along) ♪ Friday,
Friday ♪ Oh, Rebecca. – ♪ Everybody’s looking forward
to the weekend ♪ – My hand is a dolphin.
Brock Baker. – I feel like I do this in cars
just to be like, remember? – ♪ Getting down on Friday ♪
– What an iconic video. – People need to relax
and see it for what it is. – I give her props though.
She’s still continuing YouTube. – One?
– Yeah, we put it at one. – Nine.
– We gotta go nine. – I feel like that’s a bad spot. – I’ma put that at eight,
because all I have is four and eight left
and I’m pretty sure that Justin Bieber’s coming up
next, and he’s gonna have to be number four,
’cause he was number one for a long time.
Show it to me. Come on, baby.
– ♪ My first love broke my heart ♪ – I knew this would be in here.
(singing along) ♪ And I was like ♪ ♪ Baby, baby, baby ♪ – This is the Biebs I miss.
– Oh yeah, the haircut. – (singing along)
♪ Baby, baby, baby, oh ♪ ♪ This should be number one
Baby ♪ – I knew that would be in there
because when that song came out, it was peak “everybody
hates Bieber.” – Just gonna put number one.
I’m kinda contemplating between Despacito, but I know
this song was just hated so much. – Despite whether or not
you like any of these artists, I would say most, if not all
of them are still killing it now. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna give you
about a minute if you wanna switch
any of your answers. – I have a good shot at this now.
Can’t blow this. – What is number one?
– I think Gangnam Style. – Okay.
– And then number two is… – Friday. – I don’t know if I’m
gonna change any to be honest, ’cause I feel pretty confident. – I’m locking it in, Jim.
Final answer. – (FBE) If you get an answer
perfectly correct, you get two points
and then if you get an answer just one off,
you get one point. – Ooh, okay. – (FBE) So, number ten
is Sorry by Justin Bieber. – What?
I was one off. Dang it. – What the [bleep]?
We [bleep] this up. – Yeah, we totally [bleep]
this all up. – No!
My whole thing is– I’m done, I’m out.
All right, bye guys. – Wow, I’m surprised people
didn’t hate that because he wasn’t in it.
I guess people loved watching people dance. – I had that at five.
Come on, Justin. Be worse. – We had it at number three.
We were way off. I feel pretty good
about the rest. – Okay, stay strong. – (FBE) Number nine
is Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.
– We had it the other way. – Yeah, we did. – Okay, we are doing poorly.
– We’re kinda opposite here. We’re flip flopped. – Oh, I was one off.
I get one point. – (FBE) Number eight
is Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. – Whoa.
– Wow, we suck. – Two off again.
All right. This isn’t looking good. – So, one point.
Yep, yep. – That’s one point.
I put it at number seven. – Oh, I had you at nine.
That’s some points for the big J-dog. – Yeah, one point.
First points. – Got it right.
I got it right. – (FBE) Number seven
is Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius.
– Dude, we socked those too. – Ooh, I’m one off.
I’m getting there. I’m getting points. – Right on the money.
Give me two. – (FBE) Number six
is Gangnam Style by PSY. – Oh man.
I am not doing well. – Wow, they really like you, PSY. – (both) Yeah, yeah.
– Okay, see, we know PSY. – Okay, we’re getting there.
– We know how much people like and dislike PSY. – (FBE) Number five
is How It Is (Wap Bap) by Bibi H.
– Really? I have never even heard
this song in my life. – That’s crazy.
– Wow. – So people are really
haters for that girl. – Maybe there’s a different
part of the song were you really just
don’t like it or something, ’cause I just wasn’t strongly
disliking that. – Maybe we’re just too old. – (FBE) Number four
is Friday by Rebecca Black. – Woof, okay. – Ooh, I’m so sorry
Rebecca. – Yikes, I had you at eight.
Rebecca, I’m so sorry. – We were way off on that.
– I think we just got this whole list backwards.
Let’s just kind of… – (FBE) Number three
is Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee.
– I mean, not that far off. – We had that at two. – Okay, I’m one off for that,
so I get a point for that. – I had that originally.
I still get a point. – (FBE) Number two is
It’s Everyday Bro by Jake Paul featuring Team 10.
– Damn. – We put that as four.
We don’t even get a point. – Okay, that’s a point
for yours truly. – Man, people really smacked
that dislike button on Jake Paul. – (both) Yes!
– We just did the same Jake Paul thing.
I don’t know what that was. – (FBE) Number one
is Baby by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris.
– Ooh, that hurts. – That’s still number one?
That’s amazing. – That’s not even the worst
offense that Justin has done. – Wow, see?
You had that at ten, man. – I know.
– And it was number one. – Who hates Baby?
– A lot of people did. – So, all in all, if I did
the points tally correctly, that’s nine points.
I usually do abysmally on these quizzes. – We had zero points
and it doesn’t matter because I had fun.
I actually wanna watch 90% of those videos
right now. – (FBE) So finally,
to wrap up this episode, what do you think about
the fact that YouTube is pretty much the only
major platform to even have a dislike button
whereas other sites use just likes and thumbs ups
or the rating system? – Wow, I’ve never even
thought about that. It’s definitely not useful
in a good way. – I’ve never been a fan
of the dislike system because–
why? If you don’t like it,
don’t click, don’t watch. – It’s the only accurate way
to rate a video because if you wanna get
criticism on any other videos, you have to look at the comments. – It serves as a BS detector.
I can see how it can be abused if the lynch mob
goes after a certain video for unrelated reasons,
then it’s a little disadvantageous,
but in the long term, I think it’s a smart idea. – I love it.
It’s almost like YouTube is keeping it real.
Everybody else is scared to do it,
so props, YouTube. – Thanks for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – And if you like all these
YouTubers, subscribe to them. The links will be in
the description below. – I may have failed this test,
but I will not fail this goodbye. I love you all. – Hey guys, Vartuhi here,
producer at FBE. A big thank you to all
the YouTubers that came out to shoot with us.
Make sure to check them all out.
Links in the description below. Bye, guys.


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